The Game That Gives You Ten Years Of Life

Not everyone likes TED Talks, but I do, and I thought you guys might like this one — it's about video games and how playing them can not only lead to a fuller life, but it can actually extend your life. Supposedly!

Really it's an ode to positive thinking, but it's also about the power of games to elicit that positive thinking. Very interesting.


    Who doesn't like TED talks? Raise your hands so I can know who to avoid trying to make conversation with.

      Yeah, what would you not like about TED talks? They're people who are good at things talking about the things they're good at.

        The quality control for TED has nosedived. Compare their current guest lists to pre-2006 when they used to bring interesting, educated speakers who brought new insight to the table. To keep up with demand for streaming and tickets, they're hosting more conferences every year internationally and filling them with really questionable speakers.

        I really shouldn't have to relink this, but if you've subscribed to their podcasts and channels over the years, it's disheartening to see where it's going. I used to watch maybe half the talks they put out, these days it's closer to one in ten that's actually worthwhile. I don't dislike TED, but I do dislike the direction their content is going in.

          that buzzfeed list is horribly inaccurate. 3-4 of the more inspiring and awesome talks in TED are on that list. what that list does is prove of the ignorance of the author about things outside of america (taken from one of the comments).

          i decided to watch a few, recommended by the comments on the page (from the list), and they're very inspiring.

            I'd agree with 3 of the ones on that list being decent (the Sir Ken Robinson and James Randi ones in particular), but there's at least a dozen bona fide garbage talks listed there. 4 years ago, none of those people would have been given a soapbox but now even Liz Gilbert can go on a self-indulgent spiel and have people pay $5000+ for the privilege.

            Basically any TED talk that features a musician or 'modern artist' (more often than ever these days) is almost guaranteed to be shlock. I'm not entirely sure why TED is more popular than ever in its nadir other than it becoming the poster boy for young liberal pseudo-intellectuals.

          Watch what you want to, and avoid others? There's crappy (my opinion) shows on TV all the time, but I choose not to watch them.
          Also, I don't know much about it, but buzzfeed kinda look like a really crappy source for...anything...

            That's my point, TED basically has network TV levels of quality control these days, there are still gems to be found, but the whole "TED is great! I'm smart! Don't you dare disagree you philistines!" argument is just invalid.

      Good on you! Telling them to raise their hands is adding to their physical resilience! You're a wonderful person for suggesting it!

      (Sorry, I had to)

    A enthusiast gamer myself, but having a proper diet, exercise daily and keeping contact with real physical social circle still prove to be the sculpture of life.....Sometimes we gamer love to spin-doctor the benefit of gaming......

      I think the point she's making isn't to be obsessive about game, but to let them complement activities that would help build those four pillars of longer life.

    I don't like TED talks. Pandering, patronising and not nearly as informative or smart as the audience thinks it is. It's like CERN if the the LHC was being used to generate heretofore unseen levels of smug so we can study whether they can be successfully transferred through the internet. They can. Every time somebody links to a TED video the smug leaks out of the screen and into my brain, and I suddenly start thinking I'm about to change the world.

    wasn't this posted on kotaku before?

    gained 7 min took 19 to watch video all the way through.....
    net loss of 12 min
    Just had to say it

    Fuck Ted Talks!
    I watched this one:
    And now, EVERY SINGLE TIME I dry my hands its in my head.
    I do it, it works, but I cant get it out of my head!

      Gee thanks warcroft, now every time I dry my hands i'll be thinking of that old guy shaking and folding.

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