The Greatest Zelda Birthday Card Of All Time

Yesterday was Daniel Worthington's 30th birthday. Birthday's can be depressing, especially the big THREE-OH, but Daniel's girlfriend Carmen made things a little easier — by making the greatest Zelda themed birthday card I have ever seen. Ever!

I can't even remember what my wife bought me for my 30th birthday. She didn't even get me a card. I think she said I didn't have to do the dishes that night. It was a good day.

But man... this card. The detail, the map, the box. Everything. I was completely blown away by this. Incredible job Carmen. Daniel's a lucky boy!


    You marry here. RIGHT NOW!

      If he doesn't, I will.

    Awww cute, that's my brother, dammit he got himself a winner!

      Saw this on his facebook last night, he's got himself a keeper doesn't he :)

        Totes, he is a great guy and deserves a great girl.


    now when he proposes, well, he's gonna have to put alot of though and effort into it! haha

    I just love that floating heart container!

    I normally don't like these posts much.

    But that


    is the coolest thing


    It was my birthday yesterday too. I didn't turn the the big three-oh though, unfortunately I passed that milestone a couple of years ago already. I turned 32.

    But I got nerf guns :D

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