The History Of Blizzard Entertainment, In One Very Pretty Timeline

In 1991, a small development studio called Silicon & Synapse was founded. It would make a name for itself with cult driving games like RPM Racing and Rock N' Roll Racing.

Fast forward to 2012, and that small studio is now known as Blizzard Entertainment.

The entertainment juggernaut, behind such blockbusters as World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo, is celebrating its past today with the release of a giant interactive timeline, which charts every significant milestone in the company's history.

Obviously, things get a busier the later you go, as the company expands and releases more important products, but there's still room for embarrassing photos of early-90s afros.

For a look at just the games, check out this chart Mike did up earlier in the year.

Blizzard Timeline [Blizzard]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      OMG you guys are seriously retarded his job isnt to write opinion pieces they have other people to do that. His job involves post things that are occurring in the gaming world that we may or may not be interested in. Eg post a link to a freddiew video that features CS 1.6 or something. He doesnt need to write a full on 10 page opinion piece to do so.

        His 'article' consists of a LINK to another article from earlier on in the year.
        Are you telling me his job is to link old kotaku articles, with a few sentences added on top?

    Can we get a timeline of Plunkett's career at Kotaku? It'd be interesting to see if he was ever actually a real journalist.

      Kotaku isn't even a credible news site. Why would you think they hire real journalists. They just post articles designed to get viewer counts up, regardless of whether the information is relevant, true or actually useful in any way.

      Its a pretty sad state of affairs honestly, none of these people in the industry have any sort of credibility because of the relationship they have with publishers and the type of articles they spit out every day

    I still think the best thing they did was Lost Vikings.

      Lost Vikings is awesome, but Rock N Roll Racing Rocks!

    you know what. . . I think it's been said a thousand times already but I seriously believe there are some people who scour the Kotaku website constantly and whenever people like Plunkett or Ashcraft post, they click the link, neglect to read the article at all, then proceed to spew bile in the comments section. . .

    There is nothing wrong with this article, it links to a timeline that Blizzard themselves made to document their progress from their humblr beginning to the present day, Plunkett saw this and thought it would be of interest to the people who read Kotaku. . . which is is.

    As for why Plunkett didn't make a timeline himself, why does he need to, Blizzard did all the work themselves and they want people to see what they've done, sure Plunkett could of copied the bloody timeline wholesale but then people more important than you (i.e. Blizzard and their team of lawyers) would be more in the right to complain.

    Complain when it's justifiable, if you complain all the time to every article, it just makes you look like a jerk.

    Man I loved RnR Racing, LV and Blackthorne even before my real love of Blizzard started. Those classics were so much fun

    "interactive" timeline.. how is the timeline interactive. You cant even, say, click on a picture of a game to get more info all the game. All it has that is 'interactive' is the year list on the side... as in, click the year, it takes you to that year on the timeline...

    sounds like the 'interactive' part was taken from whatever blizz press release plunkett cannibalised for this article, or plunkett has a different def. of interactive than regular folk.

    So, we can conclude that '98 to '03 was Blizzard's best half decade.

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