The History Of PC Gaming In 151 Seconds

Video remix specialists The Reverse Engineers have done the hard work of squeezing the evolution of PC gaming into a 151-second clip. Now you get to watch it. The video debuted at the website Polygon, which has the full list of games in the clip.

The evolution of PC games [YouTube, via Polygon]


    if i remember more than 70% of these games does it mean that I am too old?

      MEEE TOOO! proud of that fact !--- I think I was born at the right time :)

      I remember every single one lol!!!! 35 this year and damn I feel ancient now hahaha.

    Wow, I saw hundreds of my hours occupied in some of those.

    Can't believe Captain Comic wasn't in there. At least Alley Cat and Wizardry 1 was though :)

      Or Commander Keen, the PC's first sidescroller.

        If its any consolation, the soundbyte at 0:38 of the doors is very similar.

        Duke Nukem 2D would have been nice too. I would have put in heaps more Apogee, Epic Megagames, Origin, Lucasarts, Sierra... but I'm middle aged :) Oh yeah, and more Origin too.

        PS. Jazz Jackrabbit, Jill Of The Jungle. Old school PC platformers rule!

        Bah. Dangerous Dave > Keen. :)

    I had completely forgotten how much I loved alley cat. Wow.

      Now you got that theme music stuck in my head. XD

    No WoW, set the benchmark for MMO's

    From about the 1 minute mark I recognised the games.

    Alley Cat!!! Spent WAY too much time playing that at school!

    Brilliant. About the 50 sec mark I know what I'm looking at. Also reminds me of those big 'leap years' where your graphics card lasted only a few months before you needed something else. :P

    I just saw my entire life flash before my eyes!

    holy crap, i've been playing PC games for that long? i do miss games like lode runner & my fav X-com...

    lame video with a misdirected title. Thought it was gona be a video about the evolution of PC gaming in 151 seconds.

    Makes me feel old, seem to have got heaps from the early years then bugger all from after diablo 2

    I recognized some of them up until the 45 second mark but then I recognized just about all of them.

    The 90s were particularly glorious for PC games. :D

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