The Mass Effect Movie's Script Sounds Done, But, Well...

It's been, oh, around a year since we last heard anything about the Hollywood adaptation of Mass Effect. While it's easy to joke that's because the team have had to go back and write a new ending, it seems the end (and beginning, and middle) have already been written, and quietly handed into teacher.

A report on Deadline about something else quickly slides in the fact that Mark Protosevich (Thor, I Am Legend), the project's screenwriter, has already written a Mass Effect script for Legendary Pictures, and is now moving onto another sci-fi project, Collider, alongside Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim, Hot Fuzz).

So, if the script is done, what's the hold-up? The movie was supposed to be out this year, and we've heard nothing since Comic-Con 2011.

We don't know. We could guess, though, that like most other video game adaptations in Hollywood, something has gone wrong...

Edgar Wright To Direct Paramount's ‘Collider,' Mark Protosevich To Write [Deadline]


    I hope this stays in developement hell forver

    please please pleeeeeaaaase

      I actually hope it does come out and then fail miserably. BW already ruined the universe with crappy, non-sensical, "artsy" ending. Might as well kill it off completely.

    Why? It most likely will suck but is that really going to tarnish the Mass Effect games for you? One crappy movie isn't going to do anything, the Resident Evil films are plain mediocre Hollywood trash and people are just as excited for RE6.

    I hope they don't make this film. As much as I love Mass Effect, I loath the idea of a canon, big screen adaptation of Shepard.

      I agree, but that's mainly cause I hate the idea of hollywood inventing 1 specific canonical Shepard.

      I mean I'd love to see a movie set in the ME universe. It could even follow along with the games plot if they're that desperate to make a movie about Reapers, just don't make a movie about Shepard.


      I already loathe the Shepard they use to promote the game. Look at him, if you wanted to make him more generic and less interesting, what would you possibly do?

    I don't get people who want a movie, for which they have seen and heard nothing about, not to be made.

    If its crap, who cares? If its awesome - yay. More sci-fi the better, and in ME they have a ready made universe to put it in, the production design is done etc etc.

    Though check the trailer for the new Total Recall and tell me that you don't get a strong ME vibe from some of the body armour.

      seen and heard nothing about?

      assuming its going to be the main story with shepard we can already guess

      shepard is blandy mcbland action hero and we get everything in live action form excpet its all cut up to fit in film format

      now I WOULD be all for a mass effect film set within universe...but just leave shepard out of (shes not a man dammit!)

    I think Luke is underestimating how long some movies stay at the project stage, filming and editing is usually closer to the end. It's the pre-production part that takes the longest.

    Batman was done by legendary pictures imagine a christopher nolan mass effect movie!

      They've also got the Gears of War and Warcraft movies in the works.

    a movie set in the Mass Effect universe, but not based on the trilogy is the best bet. I still think it would suck, but yeah...

    probably the only time I'll ever hope for a permanent stay in development hell for a project.

      no, wait. I also hope the World War Z never sees the light of day. the treatment they've given that is just obscene.

    considering that I am legend was such a terrible derivation from its source material that it actually inverted the whole point of the story, I don't hold much hope.

    Make a movie dammit! I want to see Garrus calibrating some guns.

    I'm not sure why people would want a Mass Effect movie when the quality of the Mass Effect trilogy (yes, except for the ending of the 3rd) is like creating your own movie experience.

    In my opinion, no scripted movie with Shepard and the existing characters is ever going to live up to my play through(s) of the Mass Effect universe.

    ME3's ending also killed my interest in the series and every time I consider going back for another play through of ME3 I just remember that ending and I'm instantly turned off. (The revised endings did nothing for me and the only one I felt was actually good was the new 'rejection' ending).

    The near heroic levels of negativity aimed that the latest entry in the series almost certainly has had some affect on the movie.
    Before watching ME3's ending myself and most people I know who also know mass effect would have agreed that a Mass Effect movie done well could be absolutely amazing. Now after 3 I'm not so keen and really there's not much reason for that since the potential for awesome hasn't dropped, I doubt the script goes anywhere near the third game. I just can't summon any enthusiasm for Mass Effect anymore and - as someone who played through the first and second games over half a dosen times each - that is saying something.

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