The MMORPG That Won't Kill You Or Eat Up Your Time (Hopefully!)

Not everyone in Japan likes massively multiplayer online role-playing games. Generally speaking, most people like Dragon Quest. So what happens when you turn Dragon Quest into a MMORPG?

Square Enix has made Dragon Quest X into an online game that you don't need to play everyday — this is, an MMORPG that will fit into the rhythm of your life. A good thing!

One of the ways Square Enix does that is "Support Comrades"; this allows players to use others people's characters as part of their party and, thus, level up those characters with experience points and gold. Another way is that players can actually "charge" their while not logged in for a fixed period and gain "Vitality Balls". These allow players to double their XP and gold for thirty-minute intervals.

Finally, Square Enix offers "Support Gold" to those players who reach a specific point in-game during the span of a week.

Loads of Dragon Quest players are now adults who grew up with the series and who have jobs (and families). Smartly, Square Enix seems to realise this and it doing everything it can to make the MMORPG experience fit into the lives of busy players. Like I said, smart!

Still, expect players to figure out ways to make each of these helpful systems work as exploits. It wouldn't be a MMORPG if they didn't.

Dragon Quest X [Nintendo]


    Heh, 'Vitality Balls'

    Bashcraft, what is with your articles on the main page? Pull yourself together, jesus..

    This is brilliant! I'm a huge fan of the communities that MMOs foster and have been involved myself with clans for half a decade. But there has always been that one big problem of the time or toll taken from people lives that MMOs have. Now with thinking along the lines of this that could possibly be solved or lessened and it could also add to the community. People have always helped

      (darne phone made me press submit) ... each other out often against rules by account sitting. But this can help to grow bonds in guilds and clans by allowing players to support each other while saving many a lot of time. And of course insentives not to have to be there playing 12 hours a day is a huge plus to the person.

      This really makes me happy though as one day I would love to create or be a part of a team making an MMO and this has really been the only thing tarnishing that dream for me.

        *darn *+ a dozen other typos, it's late and I'm on my phone...

    Interesting to see the Dragon Quest series go to new, interesting places, while the Final Fantasy series falls further and further into shit. FFXIII-3 and FFvXIII canned? Gee, thanks... Maybe they should rename the company Enix>Square.

    Support Comrades sounds interesting. I wonder if they allow you to have alts? And if you can use your own alts as a support comrade? That would be like a dream come true for me.

    What would have been smart is to have made it another good RPG and not a MMO in the first place

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