The NFL's Most Badass Facemask Will Be In Madden 13

Justin Tuck, the defensive lineman for the New York Giants, got sick of getting jerked around by the facemask last year, so he had helmet-maker Schutt fashion make him a mask. Madden NFL 13 released a screenshot today showing that, yep, it's in the game.

Most facemask penalties in the NFL involve grasping the cage of a ballcarrier or a quarterback, so it's safe to say virtual Justin Tuck was already facemask-proof. Still cool to see him rocking a grill that looks like Baraka from Mortal Kombat.


    And they can reduce the poly count on his face to almost nil. This reduces the overhead for drawing and articulating Tuck. Does this mean he'll be faster on the snap by the tiniest of margins?

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