The Professional Recreated Using Team Fortress 2 Characters

This awesome scene from The Professional starring Jean Reno is pretty gripping. But it's even cooler when done to the theme of Team Fortress 2 using the Sniper and Spy characters. Take a look at the screengrab from the movie down below for comparison.

Professionals [deviantART via Blue Dog's eyes]


    I love The Professional. One of the 90s' definitive action films. A must see.

      +1 benny my all time fav movie

    What? I thought the film's title was Leon...

      It is. It was remarketed 'The Professional' for western audiences.

        The Professional is the original western release of Leon The Professional that has a few of the more... uncomfortable scenes removed.

    yep definately one of my top 10 fav's this movie.

    The scene edited is actually from a deleted scene of the extended cut, where Leon takes Matilda to one of his jobs for some work experience. It's actually a pretty funny scene.

    "No women, no children mate!"

    Bloody hell I love that movie.

    There was talk of a sequel a while back, where Matilda was grown up and working as an assassin in her own right. Nothing ever seemed to come of it, though, which is a pity. Although I guess they'd have a hard time living up to the original, so maybe it's for the best.

      I thought the point behind the ending, as it was, is that she is taken to a safe place where she can get over that desire, having related her full tale to a horrified world of normalcy, getting the help she needs.

      Of course, give me an all-grown-up Natalie Portman assassin and I'll overlook anything.

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