The Secret World Begins To Share Its Mysteries In This Launch Trailer

Funcom's new MMORPG The Secret World officially launches today and with it, this new trailer for the game.

The game is in some ways a departure from most traditional MMOs. The biggest difference is that it's set on our real Earth, in the 21st century. Characters wear jeans and business suits and carry smartphones and tell you to go Google things. Players wander around plausibly recreated corners of London, New York City and Seoul. And then horrible monsters leap out of the woodwork to eat your face. You know. Like they do.

Yours truly has been putting some time into the game over the past few days, and it's definitely an interesting experience. My first log of impressions will be running later this afternoon.


    how the combat work, it it like WoW/SWTOR/Rift/AoC/Everquest like or is it like playing GTA/Saints Row/Just Cause 2?

      It's actionbar/hotkey combat like pretty much every MMO. However, you're limited to 7 abilities on your actionbar and there's no auto attack which helps make it feel a bit more actiony.

    I just had a look, on the actual game's website, it lists the price as $49. Now, I'm assuming that's US$ and for direct download.

    But looking at Origin, it's AU$79. Is this just another case of the stupid pricing we get here, or am I missing something?

      I preordered it from the secret world website for US$49 (got to love that exchange rate)+ some preorder items. Looks like it is just regional stupid pricing.

    Anyone that wants to buy this game...just get it from Funcom for 49$ (which includes 30 days!) for combat, it's actually like GW2, it is hotkey stuff, but you can move around your target freely, and it has a dodge function.

    I signed up for life and have never looked back...who am I? Someone that has never been interested in an MMO at all, but this baby has everything. If you love story, puzzles, mystery and atmosphere - look no further then this game. It's very adult orientated, and the community is friendly and will help when they can. PVP is incredible too.

    Disclaimer: Don't get this game if you have no interest in story - yes you can skip anything you want really, but the story is very well done, you actually have to use your brain (don't be scared it doesn't hurt) - it has an in-game google browser to help you with quests! That aside, come one, come all...I'll see you on the other side!

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