The Secret World Log, Supplemental: I Am All The Character Classes

The Secret World Log, Supplemental: I Am All The Character Classes

With Kate on holiday this week’s MMO log for The Secret World isn’t happening. This is sad. Luckily for everyone involved, I’ve been playing as well, and I am tired of people asking me what character class I rolled. That’s not how it works. Here’s how it does.

For many players it’s quite liberating, being freed from the bounds of a traditional class system. For others, that class system was the only thing keeping them from teetering into the mouth of madness.

Me? I just like putting points into things. The Secret World delivers.


  • man, i’ve been wanting to get this game for a while, but i’m too scared to dive in. last mmo i played was rift, and that almost caused my life to disastrously crumble :S

    • this is my first mmo ever. enjoy it immensely. seems to be room for both the hardcore mmo player and the once a week type players like myself.

      Ambience is awesome.

      Also, standing outside Kingsmouth Church and using a hate-generating attack when newer characters try to lead zombie packs into the church is FUN. Trolltastic fun, but fun 😛

      • +1 internetz to you… or something.
        I never understand why people derive enjoyment from depriving someone else of theirs.

        On TSW – it’s not without its flaws but it is a very solid entry in the MMO space and I strongly recommend giving it a go. Funcom have crafted a world where the atmosphere is second to no MMO that I have ever played. If you haven’t watched the launch trailer ( check it out – I think it does a great job in conveying a taste of TSW and the song is a perfect pick for the trailer.

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