The Smart Way To Do A PS2 HD Remake Is With Japanese Gangsters Punching Faces

Badass Japanese soap opera (and occasionally sublime brawler) Yakuza's first two games are getting HD re-releases on the PS3. This trailer gives us our first look at the updated editions in action.

While many "HD" ports are disappointing, that shouldn't be a problem for the Yakuza games. After all, outside of cutscenes many parts of the last two (three if you count the zombie game...four if you count the medieval Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan spin-off) games have looked like HD PS2 games anyway. Yakuza 1 & 2 in HD should look like...HD PS2 games.

Fingers crossed this pack comes to the West, mostly because it'll be a chance to play all the games in one box, and in their native tongue to boot (the first game was given a Hollywood dub by Sega for its Western release back in 2005).


    Having just finished Yakuza 3, and just completed part 1 of Yakuza 4, I really dont get all the criticisms regarding graphics.

    Graphics in the game are kick ass, and the cutscenes are simply beautiful.

    Also this is one of the finest series I've played, wish I gave them a chance earlier!

    Off-topic, but that logo at 25s looks awfully like the Oboro clan symbol from Shinobi (2002). Is the Yakuza series made by the same SEGA development team?

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