The Stuff I Will Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On At Comic-Con 2012

I've been writing about comics, games and other assorted nerditry for years. But, this week, I'll be attending my first-ever San Diego Comic-Con. Not only that, this Thursday is my birthday. That means I'm liable to get myself a present or two. Or five.

Many of the publishers, toy companies and other geek purveyors who'll be at Comic-Con International this week will come to the annual nerd prom bearing one-of-a-kind editions of their wares that you can only get at the show. These kinds of things tend to be pricey but here's a few I think are worth the wallet-hurt.

Daredevil Born Again Artists Edition $US100 is a lot for a graphic novel. Especially one I already have a copy of. But Daredevil's one of my favourite superheroes and Born Again pretty much amounts to a sacred text for me. I can quote whole pages by heart. (So can Owen Good.) Getting a look at the artistic process employed by master artist David Mazzuchelli as he brought one of Frank Miller's best stories to life is a must-buy for me.

Parker: The Score Darwyn Cooke's adaptations of Richard Stark's crime thrillers stand as exemplars of how creative works from one medium can actually gain energy when translated to a new medium. The plain ol' edition of this heist story is out this week but the gritty minimalism of this slipcased Con edition sums up everything I love about Cooke's work.

Scott Pilgrim Evil Edition I think that Scott Pilgrim is damn near perfectly realised in any medium in which it exists. The downloadable video game is a great, humorous homage to side-scrolling beat-em-ups of the past and Edgar Wright's feature film brilliantly uses video game magical realism as a metaphorical layer for what happens when we fall in love and realise things about ourselves. So, I might be dropping a wad of cash in honour of Bryan Lee O'Malley's series of genius graphic novels that started it all.

The Walking Dead #100 Let's think about The Walking Dead for a second, now that Robert Kirkman's zombiepocalypse drama has hit a milestone. It's become a multimedia phenomenon with a hit TV show and two video game iterations being worked on. All of this success comes with no major marketing, driven purely by a passionate fanbase who appreciate the humanity Kirkman pumps into his work. Walking Dead embodies many multifaceted aspects of Con and nerd culture and I'll be grabbing this issue to celebrate that fact.

Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device "The Cave Johnson" Edition from NECA I don't have to explain this one, do I? The Con exclusive version of this comes with a photo of "Cave" autographed by Valve employee Bill Fletcher, who was the model for the Aperture CEO.

Adventure Time #1 SDCC 2012 exclusive The best way to get something truly unique at Con? Get a sketch. Super-smart thinking by Boom! Comics to have a version of Adventure Time #1 ready to be graced with a awesome custom drawing.


    It's odd, but the Comic is Scott Pilgrim's worst format. The last 2 and a bit books seemed to just completely lose the plot. However, even then, the series on whole is fantastic.

      While I agree with you generally, the graphic novels (particularly the last couple of books) definitely get better with repeated reads. There's nuances that you don't pick up on your first read through, and there's something about the end of book 6 that just clicked with me after repeated reads, particularly some of the less obvious parallels between Scott and Gideon. The movie handles that whole section with a lot less fluff (although it was obvious that the original plan was for Scott to end up with Knives in the film), but the last couple of books definitely improved for me after repeated reads.

    Oh god... just over a week til TWD issue 100.... Oh god... who's gonna die... I bet I know... I bet we all know but don't wanna admit it...

      Glad to be a bearer of good news, it's actually out today.

        GODDAMMIT IM AT TAFE TIL 9!!!!!!! *cries*

        Oh well, good news for when I get home.... Thanks Glenn!!!!!

    Spend $20 on a MLP Derpy and I'll pay you back .;)

    Boo for Comic Con being in the US and not here in Australia! *wants the "limited-to-1000 Scott Pilgrim comic con 2012" collectors pack*

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