The Terrifying 'Slenderman' Goes From Meme To Free Horror Game

Let us never underestimate the internet's ability to come up with freaky crap. The vast reach of the web creates mysteries as often as it dispels them, and sometimes those mysteries are truly scary.

The "Slenderman" is a long-standing horror meme based on the mythological archetype of a tall, faceless man who appears in the dark and… does scary things. Steals you away, grabs children. That kind of thing. He's haunted lots of places, from message boards to Minecraft, and feels a bit reminiscent of that freakshow in Pan's Labyrinth or even Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Now, YouTuber AgentParsec has crafted Slender, a simple Unity-based horror game that stars the Slenderman. It's very simple, and free to download (links are below). In it, you'll play as a nameless woman (going by the sounds of your breath when you run) who must go around a closed in park at night and collect eight notes. You've got a flashlight, and that's about it.

And yet the game is super freaky. It's amazing just how simple horror can be — put me in the woods at night with a flashlight and no means of defending myself, set a scary monster after me and… well, I'm gonna be scared. Bonus scary points for putting vague fun-facts about the monster on the notes.

There seems to be a bunch of great indie horror games out at the moment, huh? Fine by me.

You can download a free beta of Slender for Windows or for Mac. Happy note-hunting.


    Oh hell yes.

    Been a fan of the Slenderman Mythos since I first discovered Marble Hornets!

    I know what I'm gonna be playing at 3am tonight!

      Funny, I never heard of the Slenderman until they put Endermen in Minecraft - I mentioned that to a friend and he's like "oh, is that a Slenderman ripoff?"

      Having on idea what he was talking about, he showed me Marble Hornets. I was transfixed. Couldn't look away until we ran out of episodes - I think that was around episode 42. I just remembered last night I hadn't seen any episodes since the end of the last season (episode 54?) but it's up to 60 now! Gotta check 'em out this weekend.

      I haven't seen MarbleHornets for some time, I think I finished at 58 or something and was waiting on new additions? Thanks for the reminder!

    I just found this a few days ago. I couldn't work up the nerve to finish. I got caught by Slenderman on my first playthourgh, and in my second I just stared at him to bring an end to it quickly.

    I had a friend playing this last night during a skype call with him ... he was getting pretty terrified by the game. I'm sure me and my housemate making demonic whispering and telling him that the rake and shadowlurker were in the game didn't help

    I've been to scared to even wander up to that big tree... I don't consider myself scared easily, but there's just something about Slender Man that gets me. That and the Grinning Man/Indrid Cold... argh

    Wow... I was telling my mate before I played this "It's a shame that games can't scare me anymore, I've just lost that suspension of disbelief that I had when I was younder."

    I was wrong... That was creepy as hell, and I nearly crapped my pants a few times. Awesome work.

    yay! Mac version!

    Oh but that is one genuinely creepy game. I don't creep out easily, but I jumped six feet the first time I saw the "enemy" and then spent the next ten minutes hoping I didn't get trapped in the empty facility with it. ha. fun times.

    I don't think the protagonist is a woman, It would made more sense if it was a kid.

      Yup, it's definitely a kid (it makes the most sense based on his mythos). Though that begs the question as to why a child is running around in the damn forest at night.

        U r making me more scared. My friend was playin the game so I looked it up and it is bloody creepy coz some people believe he exsists and I'm still a child!!! I'm scared :O

    My friend and I played this at 3am, and let me tell you, it is one of the scariest things imaginable. We still havent found more than 2 pages because we keep turning it off. Even at the lowest graphics setting With about 20 FPS it's utterly horrifying. Awesome job, and I can't wait to see it get even creepier :)

    I kept telling myself "Its fake, Its fake!", but it still gets me every time. I thought it was gonna' be some stupid kid game, but I was wrong. This game is utterly terrifying.

    I think they should make it for iPhone and iPod touch

    ^_^ wooooow K.S.A

      Wasn't even that scary... :L

    CRAP! SCARY!!! DON'T YOU DARE SAY IT'S NOT SCARY!!! OR, IF YOU DO,...... HE'LL COME FOR.................... YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND, PISS OFF


    LOL scary stuff, BEST GAME EVER. My BFFs play it all the time, god sometimes watching them is halarious!!!!! GREAT game guys!

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Excuse me but swearing is not very nice I am telling my mum to get you she will hurt your feelings until you cry.
    Yours happily Lisa
    Thank you
    (I would like some friends over the internet reply if you r happy enough)

    The first time was pretty creepy, but it's really not that bad. Silent Hill and RE4 are much scarier.

    Can you play slender on an I pod

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