Wii U And 3DS Will Have Unified User Account Systems

Friend codes — they made me sad. Particularly when I had multiple friend codes across different Nintendo platforms that I couldn't possibly remember. For the most part, trying to play a video game with your actual friends in real life was always a struggle. According to Nintendo World Report, Nintendo is attempting to make things a little easier in that respect by providing players with a unified account system across the 3DS and the Wii U. But at the moment, we don't know any details on how this will work in Australia and New Zealand.

"A unified account system will be implemented later this year with the launch of the Wii U. Eventually this same account system will be made compatible with Nintendo 3DS systems," said David Marshall, a customer service representative.

We expect the account system to work a little like the PSN does now, across both the PlayStation 3 and the Vita. In that you can share accounts with both consoles. We wonder if this will have any cross platform potential?

For now it's solely for Nintendo's eShops, but we'd like to see the whole process of playing online with Nintendo consoles become a little more streamlined.

Unified eShop Accounts Coming Later This Year [Nintendo World Report]


    So this 'unified' account system will only be on the Wii U when it launches, making it another new account system.
    And it will be 'eventually made compatible' with the 3DS.. sounds more like multi account linking to me.
    Going to have to put this one in the 'I'll believe it when they deliver it' basket for now.

    Well the 3DS eshop already has you login with your Club Nintendo login details, so I don't see how hard it is to do that for the WiiU too.

    Something something Ninty copying Sony lawls etc something something

    So what about the Virtual Console games I've got on my Wii? Transferrable? Am I boned?

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