The Worst Commenters On The Internet, Captured On Video

Sometimes, the comments section of a website can be a really interesting read. Other times it can be a wasteland populated by the very worst people on Earth.

These two videos are able to pin down the latter group with terrifying accuracy.

Warning: the video might be a little NSFW.

[via Laughing Squid]


    They oughta do one for video game journalists

      if they did, im pretty sure luke wouldn't be in it

        ...Why do you say?

          because luke is not a journalists =D

            I'd go further than that, I'd say he's not even a journalist!

    Is this here because everyone always teases Luke in the comments section for posting links from reddit all day?

    Something Awful was doing this years ago - Shmorky is the greatest

    Jeeeze this is old.

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