There's A Little Bit Of Persona In This New Japanese RPG

There are a couple of new trailers out for Time Travelers, an upcoming roleplaying game by Dragon Quest IX developer Level-5 that will be out in Japan in coming weeks for 3DS, PSP and Vita.

Looks a little Persona-ish, no? School uniforms, guns, ticking clocks...

The second trailer (below) is particularly bizarre. This is a game that wants you to cry like you've never cried before. Enjoy!

[Level-5 via TinyCartridge]


    So that has to be one of the worst and most obvious cases of click-baiting I've seen lately. There's nothing Persona-like about that at all. Saying that it's Persona-like based on the fact that there were school uniforms, a gun (which wasn't even pointed at his own head) and clocks (in a game called Time Travelers no less) is like saying that Skyrim is a little Legend of Zelda-ish because it has swords, shields and a horse.

    Rants about obvious SEO tactics aside, this game looks interesting. Hopefully it won't be just another generic JRPG.

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