There's A Multiplayer Source-Engine 'Slenderman' Game In The Works

Are you a fan of the creepy 'Slenderman' game Slender, but maybe you wish it looked a bit better? Perhaps the game would be better in Valve's Source Engine, no?

Some folks over at ModDB agree, and they're working on a source-engine game/mod inspired by Parsec's Slender. Slender: Source is a work-in-progress now, with only a few screenshots to show (really, just one), but it's a doozy of a screenshot.

From the ModDB description:

So, how are we trying to make our version different [from Parsec's game]? Simple. Four

players will be playing as teenagers who are sent out on a dare to try

and find/discover the myth behind the Slenderman. The game will then

thrust these players into a variety of environments where they must find

15 dolls (which resemble creepy children) and collect them without

being killed by the Slenderman. The game has no time limit, and the only

goals by the players is to survive, and collect these dolls. Once all

of the dolls have been collected the game will end. There is no combat,

and no way to defend yourself.

The Slenderman will be able to kill you within one hit, so try to

avoid him as much as possible. We also are not restricting players to

one environment, so upon release of the mod/game players will be able to

explore two different kinds of environments when playing the game. The

first being the standard woods that you've come to see in the Unity

title, as well as an abandoned hospital. So, two maps upon release that

should take roughly 30 minutes to an hour to complete, but don't fret!

With teamwork, and proper thinking you should be able to complete the

maps/levels without dying. We have a ton of levels planned for this

game, but we'll only be shipping with two maps to start out, and

hopefully finish off with around 8.

While I do think that the paranoid solo aspect is what made Slender fun, watching other people play the game is a lot of fun, so maybe multiplayer would be, too. Looking forward to giving this a go, regardless.

Slender: Source [ModDB via PC Gamer]


    Wait, why does Slenderman look like he is riding a unicycle.

      The extra thing looks like it is in between his legs. Probably its his .... if you know what I mean. Quite "slender" too.


      Beta testing revealed his footsteps were too loud so they will be replaced with the ever increasing pitch of a squeeky wheel.

        So its like a bigger version of the tricycle riding Jigsaw puppet.

    Dey see me rolllin' Dey H8in'...

    Hmm I have that same photograph they are using in that screenshot as my desktop background at the moment. (minus the pasted on slenderman)
    Wonder if all their levels will be courtesy off Google images.

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