There's A Paper Mario Joke To Make About These Adorable Paper Zelda Figurines

Clearly, artist George Alexopoulos does not have a cat. If he did, these gorgeous paper figurines would have a half-life of approximately half a second. And that would be a shame indeed.

Not all of these paper figures are video-game themed. Some are inpired by books or movies, or simply depict people doing stuff. (I particularly like these little Hobbits.)

But the figurines of Link, Zelda, and Mega Man? They're too good to miss. I'd love to have them lined up on my desk... but I do have a cat. So I shall continue to admire them digitally, from afar.

Studio NJ - Figurines [Studio NJ, via Reddit]


    From the website : "I can't sell figurines of other people's intellectual property! " D:
    Dammit, would have loved to buy those Zelda ones!

    What's the joke? Couldn't actually think of one?

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