There's A Team Fortress 2 Soldier In My House

It feels like forever since the first piece in Gaming Heads' line of large, expensive Team Fortress 2 statues came out. Probably because it's actually been forever. But now, after over a year, we have a second one available.

And it's just as nice as the first one.

What's In the Box

1x TF2 Soldier 1x Helmet 2x Weapons 1x Base 1x Authenticity/Membership Card

What I Liked

  • PERFECT FIT. This statue is made of polystone, a smooth, heavy material that can be pretty hit-and-miss on a piece where intricate detail is required. But a TF2 character? There's not much detail required, meaning that in the flesh it looks just like it does in the game.
  • QUALITY. The standard edition of this statue is $US220, the "exclusive" variant $US235. That's a lot of stones for a 13-inch statue, but Gaming Heads have at least gone to the trouble of making it seem worth it, with touches like the fact he's almost completely hand-painted, and that the piece was cast using Valve's actual game model from Team Fortress 2. So at least you know the dimensions and likeness are all spot-on.

What I Didn't Like

  • LESS BANG FOR YOUR BUCK. The Heavy, with all his bulk and detailed equipment, cost $US230. The Soldier is only $US10 less, and while my version (the "Exclusive") came with an alternate weapon, it's very similar to the standard one. Considering he's a smaller piece with less impressive gear, it would have been nice to see more than $US10 shaved off, especially if you're getting the standard edition that doesn't with the bonus gun.


There's really not much to dwell on here. This is a picture-perfect, heavy-as-hell polystone recreation of a Team Fortress 2 character. It's pricey, yeah, but given the quality of the piece and how well it brings the character to life, if you're the type to still be reading this far down a toy review and be genuinely interested, it's totally worth it.

The Soldier is limited to 1050 (750 standard, 300 Exclusive) pieces worldwide, and is available from Gaming Heads' website.


    Looks pretty nice. I wouldn't mind picking up a sniper one when I get a chance.

    The first picture i thought it had a cone piece... almost spat my coffee out,...not that i know what they look like...

    TF2 garden gnomes? I'd buy one!


    (When's the Pyro one coming out?)

    My one had the wrong (or upside down) magnet in the hat, so the hat won't sit on properly =(
    They're sending me a replacement hat (I really hope it *is* the hat magnet thats wrong and not the one in his head!)

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