Fine Art: Beauty In A Game's Menu System

And here you thought Fine Art was just about the guys making the stuff that goes in the game. Today, we're looking at the work of design firm 1910, who design stuff that goes before or on top of a game.

Specifically, they've designed menus and user interface systems for games like Syndicate, Bionic Commando and Bulletstorm.

Lately, they've also branched out and worked with Paradox on crafting the logo and "identity" for Showdown Effect, the studio's homage to '80s and '90s action movies.

You can see more of 1910's work at their company site.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists.


    Bulletstorm had a great UI, but no real graphics options. And an overabundance of dick jokes.

    It's a nice to see some UI art, something you don't see much of.

    WipEout HD has the best menu ever imo

      You win the internets!

      Though personally I was going to mention any of the WipEout games, particularly 2097 and 3 were amazing for the time they were released.

    UI is such an underrated part of game design, as other commenters have said. Granted, it's not something that could (or arguably should) really feature significantly in reviews, but it's a shame that it doesn't get much attention. Best UI for my money would be the menus in MGS Peace Walker. So swish.

    I still rate the menus in Chronicles of Riddick as amongst the best in gaming. It, and the Wipeout games, of course.

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