These Are The Best Explanations Yet For NCAA And Madden's Ratings

Some attribute ratings are easily understood, if not self explanatory: Speed. Agility. Strength. Others, you're often left guessing what's really going on: Trucking? Finesse Move? Press?

Bowling Green alumnus and Mid-American Conference ambassador Matt Sussman, also a longtime friend of Deadspin, went looking for the league's best player in each category and ended up writing an appendix to what they all mean. For example, "Awareness" means "Wearing brightly-colored ribbons in the hopes that disease is eradicated." Break Tackle involves damage to fishing equipment. "Catch In Traffic" means "I don't recommend this."

I recommend reading all of it, however, as there are nearly 40 attributes in need of a definition and Sussman gives one to all of them. If you want to search through your favourite team or conference's ratings, player-by-player or attribute-by-attribute, you can use the same tool he did, via Prima Games' official guide.

NCAA Football 13: The Top MAC Player At Each Rating [SB Nation]


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