These Are The Most Important 60 Seconds Of Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is a vast and interesting game. This YouTuber fragments it into 60 seconds to give you the best, most accurate and important impressions.

And by that I of course mean silliest. Do you ever just randomly talk to the games you play? Poke fun at characters playfully? That's essentially what BlackLightAttack does with his 60 Second Let's Play series.

60 Second Let's Play: Half-Life 2 [YouTube]




    lolwot is thisss?? I was expecting some 60sec plot summary. HOW is this the most important 60secs??

    Please stop giving the time of day to terrible youtube users.

    How much do people get paid for this shit?

    I must be the only one that found this funny.

    if you haven't already, check out the ever hilarious Freeman's Mind
    on youtube.

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