These Folk Want To Start A Real Life Day-Z

Humans vs Zombies — it's a battle that has raged in our fiction for generations. Its latest incarnation is, most likely, best represented in Day Z. But wouldn't you like to try it out in real life... with modded nerf guns? Sounds like something I'd be well keen for.

On the Aussie-specific crowdfunding site Pozible, there is a Kickstarter-style initiative looking for backers. These guys are looking to go big. They want to hire a campground, they're thinking about proper investment, they're taking this concept seriously.

It looks as though the team is shooting for a real, serious angle here, a la Day Z. A real-life game based on survival. Sounds kind of awesome.

Head here for more info on how you can support the idea.


    Whoa, have you guys not heard of Patient 0???

    Got funded $137,000 from its $10,000 goal

    Basically its laser tag, with sweet gear, helmet cam, and they throw you in a massive abandoned building/hospital/etc... zombies are all real actors, it is freaking sweet.

      I'm glad you asked:

    Fighting Zombies is meant to be one (or a few) versus many. Are they going to pay people to shuffle around like the undead, or are you expected to spend 90% of your weekend as a deadhead and 5 minutes running around with the nerf gun?

    Total already do this sort of stuff twice a year at my uni. Its sooo much fun!!!

    So it's a zombie LARP?

    That said, I also consider paintball "military LARP", and its' participants just as socially repellent.

    Haha, They do human's vs zombie at my uni every semester. Its pretty big, but I've never bothered with it. Funny to watch people running around the campus between classes shootin' and chasin' each other.

    Feel kinda bad for em though, a lot of my mates, particuarly the chicks talk shit about em like they're pathetic for doin it or something. Usually keep my mouth shut coz I actually reckon it looks pretty fun.

    So kudos to these guys over East for no givin a shit about the stuck up haters and goin big like this. If they organise one on this scale out West over here I'd probably be keen to give it a shot.

    But paintballs would defs be more fun than nerf guns XD Imagine that'd be too expensive to organise though.

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