These Leaked Crysis 3 Screenshots Take You Into The Green Hell Of Manhattan

Forget the fancy compound bow. It looks like you're going to need weed-whackers to journey through the lush overgrowth that's choking New York City in Crysis 3.

These screens — grabbed by Polygon from the personal site of lighting artist Pierre-Yves Donzallaz before they were taken down — show the Big Apple in a state of natural disaster. Gorgeous lighting effects and texture details have always been a Crytek signature and the dev studio's upcoming shooter looks like it's going to continue that tradition.

Crysis 3 Canyon Environment [Pierre-Yves Donzallaz, via Polygon]


    Best have destructible environments if it doesn't want to flop hard with the Crysis 1 audience. Also best be a bit more detailed on PC than the console versions. The recent port of Crysis to consoles has shown a huge gulf in environment detail.

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