They Fell In Love Playing Halo 3, And Just Met In Real Life

They Fell In Love Playing Halo 3, And Just Met In Real Life

It’s easy to be cynical about the world of online multiplayer gaming. We’ve all had our bad experiences with campers, griefers, and a hundred other kinds of jerk. We know about the foul-mouthed kiddies and the racist, sexist crap spewed by adults old enough to know better. None of the negativity is new.

But sometimes… sometimes, we get to see the stories that show us just how great the ability to make those long-distance connections can be, and how deep they can go. As in the case of this adorable young couple.

The pair first met virtually in a Halo 3 lobby back in 2007. Years of gaming together eventually translated into talking through MySpace, Facebook, and up to Skype. Two years after they realised love was blooming, they finally got to meet in person. The video recorded their first ever face-to-face interaction, in a classic moment of airport joy.

The two are still in a long-distance relationship, but are now engaged. Mazel tov, you crazy kids!


  • My wife and I met on the internet 12 years ago. She was from Canada, I was from Queensland.

    Now, after jetsetting between countries a few times, we’ve been married just over 4 years. Our meeting isn’t thanks to video games though. Ours is because of good old MSN chat rooms.

      • It was never awkward really, because we had known each other so well online. We’d already been through a lot as a couple before we’d even met face to face. But none of that slowed us down. It really galvanised the fact that we knew we wanted to be together. Within the first month of meeting one another for the first time in 2007, she proposed while hyped up on caffeine as we were cruising around on a Brisbane Citycat.

    • What a coincidence Matthew. My wife and I met online as well, I’m from Queensland, she’s from Canada. Also not game related (Windows Live, close enough to MSN I suppose). She flew here to meet me in person, we went on a holiday, and then she returned home about a month after. Three weeks later she moved here and we’re now married.

  • It’s always nice to hear when this thing works out for people.

    If nothing else the internet has given us a way to be closer together even if we are far apart.

  • Awww that’s soooo cute and so sweet hehe 🙂 I sat there with a big grin on my face.

    Also – they sooooooo would have done it that night! Bow-chicka-wow-wow

  • Good for them. The Internet has taken away my girlfriend(s) from me. Not once but twice.

    I am still happy for people who are happy.

  • Met my fiance on a Stargate forum… Chatted on MSN for a week, met, got ratted out by her sister as “The stranger she met from online”, had to meet her parents if I wanted to continue being friends with her (She was 17 at the time, I was 18) and I figured screw it, if I had to meet them I may as well meet them as her boyfriend.

    Getting married in October and I doubt I’d ever find anyone more of a match to my personality through “traditional” means.

  • I know this is cute and everything and no offense to the couple at all, but this isn’t some brand new thing that is only happening now. I know multiple couples who met online like this who are happily married, some have kids, etc.

    This doesn’t seem all that interesting, though of course I’m happy for the people themselves.

  • Well that was just depressing 🙁 my black cynical hart believes this sort of thing only to be true in fairy tales and bad romantic comedies.

  • I met my wife online, though not while gaming as she’s not a gamer at all, haha. But we have been married 5 years and have a beautiful little girl so can’t be happier.

  • I’m in a long distance relationship of 4 years also, still aching for the day we can meet. Let’s just say her parents are incredibly difficult, and though she’s legally an adult herself, they’ll never change their mind and abandoning them by going against them would be very hard for her.

    So there’s at least a few more years of this distance to go through yet, and maybe we’ll never be able to be together in person. But I’ve a stronger connection to her than to any other human being and I just can’t help but persist hopeful that things will work out.

      • As someone who met their now-wife online, I understand that entirely. You will have to persevere, and let your love flourish, despite the myriad of people – most likely on both sides of the relationship – who will be shit talking it, bad mouthing you, and generally hoping for this “immature phase” to end. Whether it’s her parents, your friends, her co-workers, or your siblings, you just have to soldier on and prove them wrong.

        People are way more accepting of long distance/internet-founded relationships these days, but when it is in their family/circle of friends, that hypothetical acceptance tends to revert to hostility. “You don’t know each other, really.” “Get a real girlfriend.” Blah blah same old shit. If she’s worth it, you’ll get her, and fuck everyone else’s opinion.

        Good luck!

  • It’s great to see these guys hitting it off, and to hear of other stories (here) about successful internet relationships!

  • This is really sweet! So glad the online Halo world isn’t as gloomy and spiteful as I’m always told it is.

    On another note, how long do you think before it becomes the next rom-com? Like the next “You’ve Got Mail”? If they’re making a Need for Speed Movie, this is totally something some rand movie exec would take on.

  • Awww. That’s so romantic.

    It’s also nice to read the stories of love from the people who commented on this articles as well.

    I guess the Internet isn’t so bad.

  • I met my wife of 12 years on a bus, before the Internet it was pretty much the equivelant of a chat room.

    Also bravo to this guy, it proves that now we have the Internet, even guys who wear shirts tucked into belted shirts can find love.

  • I first met my wife on a gaming forum. I lived in the US at the time, although now I’m here and she’s the reason. It might be a bit clichéd, but I couldn’t imagine being with anybody else.

    Have to say my gaming habits are now infinitely improved. When I get a new Bethesda game up on the projector, we’re talking out what we should name the guy, what he should look like. Current one is Gordon Froman.

  • I met my wife online in an MSN convo with another girl when she was invited in. We hit it off, chatted heaps. Turned out she lived in the same town as me so we met up, went out a few times and now we have a three year old son.

    I really do believe we only got to know each other so well at the time because we felt safer or more comfortable chatting from behind a screen first.

    I really

  • A few months back I met a girl on an Assassin’s Creed forum. A group of us there started chatting and after everybody else had left we just kept going and continued doing so the next day and the day after until it simply became a habit. Before I knew it I had fallen in love with her and I confessed my love to her. She loves me back and I feel like I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

    I’m meeting her in real life for the first time in a few days.

  • Met my ex through the onlinery. Friend of another online friend, roped into our online activities before one day joining the forum. Got to know each other, eventually flew over to Adelaide to meet her.

    Long distance is balls though. Eventually it all just kind of died, got to around 18 months before ending it. Well, ending it again. We tried to earlier, but things had a way of continuing afterwards. Still great friends now though.

    Wouldn’t go long-distance again.

  • Met my wife in 2008 playing Halo 3, too. Just got married two weeks ago. She’s American and I’m Australian. Where’s our story!? 😛

  • Yea, it makes me think these Russian girls are doing the wrong thing by spamming emails to everyone. They should get onto online gaming and hook up that way. Also, they don’t even have to be stunners. I mean, there is a difference between “hot” and “gamer girl hot.”

  • Awww, they’re such a cute couple…and now I have something in my eye! :'( Good job picking this up Kate; we don’t get enough of these feel-good stories about gamer culture, and all the best to the happy couple!

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