Things Don't Look Good For Sean Bean In The New Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Trailer

Poor Sean Bean. Dude can't really catch a break, can he? Good things rarely happen to the characters he plays.

We don't quite know anything for certain yet, but it looks like nothing good will happen to him in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, either. It sort of looks like a lot of pretty not-good things will happen in this movie, starting with the acting, which is CW-level at best. And is the "3D" seriously an official part of the title? That is not! Very! Scary!

There is, however, a pretty cool-looking beastie made out of assembled mannequin parts. And of course, good ol' Pyramid Head. Also, Jon Snow! I wonder if Arya and Bran turn up anywhere. Might as well throw the whole Stark clan into Silent Hill.

I still have to see the first Silent Hill flick, actually. I hear it's not half bad.


    dont care for the 3d but didnt mind the first one

    Yes, the first Silent Hill is actually not too bad, its underrated imo

    The first one was ok at best. This second one looks to be following the plot to Silent Hill 3 and by the looks of thing, is doing a great job of it... kinda.

    wtf is jon snow doing in this as well!?!?.

      I had exactly the same thought

    yeah it's not half bad, it's ALL bad

    Just gonna make a wild guess here and say that Sean Bean's character is gonna die at some point

    Even if its bad it will still be better than the RE adaptations, also Sean Bean will die, always worth admission price, he does it so well.

    Generally speaking, the less dialogue in a trailer made of the actual movie sequences - the higher the probability the movie won't have much substance to it.

    The original Silent Hill movie? Creepy - I rate it.
    This? Not so much - even the trailer felt disjointed - but we'll see I suppose.

    Looks like another SH that does some impressive things with visuals but doesn't actually have any understanding what its source is actually about. Might be worth a DVD hire.

    Don't even care - this looks very cool.
    I enjoyed the first Silent Hill and this looks like a cool sequel.
    more pyramid head, more nurses, awesome....

    The way Pyramid Head and Nurses get thrown around so much and have
    become synonymous with 'Silent Hill anything' drives me nuts. The
    first movie got a little imagery correct but none of the underlying
    psychological reasoning.

    I still dont understand why they dont make a film from silent hill 2, its the saddest love story ive ever heard. if you can even call it that.

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