This Action-Packed Sleeping Dogs Trailer Will Make You Go 'Woooo'

See what I did there? Because Woo. This ad for the upcoming action game Sleeping Dogs even goes so far as to call its gunplay "Hard-Boiled." In case you weren't picking up on the cinematic influences. Lots of sweet environmental destruction going on, too.

I guess that's what I'm into these days. Show me a wall getting blown to bits, and I'm in.


    Good timing. Will get to play this for a week before losing myself in Guild Wars 2.

    aww I got this mixed up with Watch Dogs
    it took me a long time until I realised
    still cool though

      same here! I was thinking...uhhh this is not what I wanted watch dogs to be....then realised it was another game. phew

    Been looking forward to this since it was True Crime 3 (or Hong Kong whatever it was called before being canned then saved).

      Im still glad its no longer a True Crime game. That games branding is a curse. At least now it has a chance...

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