This Action-RPG For Vita Is Looking Pretty Stellar

This is Ys Celceta: Sea Of Trees (also known as Ys Celceta: Foliage Ocean), the next game in Falcom's Ys series of action-roleplaying games.

No word on U.S. release yet, but it'll be out this September in Japan for Vita. Boutique publisher XSEED Games has localised many of Falcom's other games — including several in the Ys series — so they could very well handle this one too. Hopefully someone translates and brings it to U.S. shores — it looks wonderful.


    I really hope it gets an english release at some point. I doubt it'll be any time soon though, the numbers that the Vita's managed in the US would be too low to sustain a niche JRPG release, and Ys is very niche.

      Hopefully P4 will make the market a bit more receptive in the future.

    Apart from those awful shadows, it looks and sounds awesome!

    Looks awesome, but I have course that I'll see an English version.

    Man. If that got an english release tomorrow I would go pick it up with a Vita. Until I await a title to bring me further into the sony fold.

    More JRPGs for the Vita please! Ideally a Star Ocean, or a "Tales of"

    Well the last Ys on the PSP was a grind affair...would consider if they corrected all the balance mistakes they made

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