This Aston Martin PC Case Is Gorgeous, And Derek Smith Is The Best Friend Ever

Custom PC builder Derek Smith had a friend that needed a PC, but couldn't afford to purchase a brand-new system, so Smith told this friend he'd put something together. That something turned out to be a Cooler Master "Cosmos S" case transformed into the sort of PC James Bond would roll down an embankment in.

I've built PCs from spare parts for friends in the past. I grab an old case I've got lying around, wipe it down with some paper towels, make sure the power supply isn't on the verge of exploding and bam, they can access the AOL and Compuserves to their heart's content.

I am a shitty friend. I would never be featured on MNPCTECH's Case Mod Blog. Not unless they started up a category covering disappointment.

Derek, on the other hand, is an amazing friend. Just look at this baby.

He wrapped things in vinyl, creating faux carbon fibre and wood finish. He grabbed the dash clock from a Mercury Milan. He even made it glow.

All in all Derek spent some 80 hours on the custom build. All this for a friend that probably just wanted to get on Facebook. Now he owns a custom creation far prettier than anything I will ever own.

Hit the link below for more pics and details on this gorgeous build. And Derek, if you read this, we should really hang out sometime.

The "Aston Martin" Mod [The Case Mod Blog]


    This is disgusting.... the normal case is much better.

      Marcus you negative bastard!

        Lol Gears reference.

    Since when did Aston's have giant fucking holes in the side, neon LEDs and plastic everywhere? This computer is much, much closer to banged out 1999 Mitsubishi Lancer with a fart can and an cheap fiberglass bodykit.

      Or a 1972 pontiac lebaron. Green, with some brown or.. uh... rust colouration. And a tape deck with some creedence.

    Looks kind of art deco....I like it!

    fark me its ugly.

    I LOVE Aston's but heck, this erks me. But yes it would fit in one of those dated posh british homes with as said above all that art deco crap.

    God DAMN all you haters - the guy did this for free - for a friend... It looks fantastic.
    I'm sure he wasnt going for "This IS a be all end all Aston PC" that he was going to sell to the company as a flagship PC case to get money for.... seriously.... take it for what it is, a nice mod for a friend! Fkn fantastic I say!

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