Japanese Company Punishes Employees With Power Rangers Embarrassment

A recent thread on various tardy penalties for Japanese companies turned up this jewel: at Japanese IT company ValuePress, employees who are late must dress up in a full body, Power Ranger (née Super Sentai) outfit.

According to the company, those who are late must cosplay in this "embarrassingly amusing penalty". By "penalty", this company surely means "privilege".

The outfit must be worn all day and is meted out to those employees who are late five times in one month. Apparently, every six months, there are around three employees who get to wear must wear the Power Rangers outfit.

ValuePress' punishment was actually used as a recruiting tool — to show how different the company was from the country's traditional workplaces. The photographer in the above picture is documenting the cosplay punishment for a Japanese magazine.

The company starting doing this a few years back, but Japanese websites are now rediscovering the Power Rangers privilege — I mean, uh, penalty.

入社したくなる!企業のおもしろい福利厚生・社内制度【随時更新】 [Naver]


    Proof read your article please :)

    Bad grammar is bad - "Apparently, every six months, there are around three employees who get to wear must wear the Power Rangers outfit."

      I'd take a guess that the "get to" part was supposed to be strike through.

    Brian should be made to take the Power Ranger Punishment for the errors in this article.

    Where do you all work? I want to go there so I can throw shit at you all day? He made a mistake move on.

    proof read must proof read before clicking submit.
    @Lance Uppercut, we would move on but the error is still present for every new reader and Kotaku needs to be more professional as it moves forward as a top gaming (and other) news site.

      What is this, a board meeting?

        LOL man I love that movie.

        "Looks like you've been missing a lot of work lately."

        "I wouldn't say I've been MISSING it, Bob..."

    Beats having to wear a suit everyday, doesn't it?

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