Expendables 2 Trailer Features Terry Crews Beating The Crap Out Of A Gamer

I will always love Terry Crews for playing President Comancho in Idiocracy, but seriously — if he comes 'round to my house and punches me in the face every time I die playing The Expendables 2 video game, I'll be seriously upset!

Ahaha! Yeah, I'm only kidding. That will never happen. As if I'd play The Expendables 2 video game!

Well, I might. If it's good.

I have to admit though, this was pretty cool. Interesting idea, and crazy Terry Crews is the best kind of Terry Crews. Love that guy.

[Thanks VG247!]


    That trailerwas great until the gameplay kicked in. But would love a mini viral series with Dolph and Terry along those lines.

    Old Spice Terry Crews is best Terry Crews

    kool clip shite looking game...

    Who the hell is Terry Crews?I mean Stallone,Norris,Van Damme and even Lunengren sure but crews?

      he's a former NFL star, now turned actor, been in a couple of dozen movies.

      The best Old Spice guy!


      Building Kick!!!!!!!!!


        Well unless its dirt cheap or free for PS+ I doublt I'll be getting.

      White Chicks. That's all I think of when I see Terry Crews.

    first impression of the gameplay wasn't good, but I kept watching, and it looked kinda fun towards the end!

    The game looks like it'd be great to play coop, much like 50 Cent Blood in the Sand, stupid and over the top, but not worth your time in single player. With a couple of mates could be a good laugh

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