This F1 Racing Simulator Is Not For Ordinary Human Beings

I have friends who don't play video games, but they own PS3s. The reason? They're obsessed with cars and pretending to drive them. They love F1, they love Gran Turismo, they love DiRT. They love cars, and they love anything that helps them get closer to the things they love. This incredible 175 degree, circular screen, designed for racing games, is for people like this. It's amazing.

The screen is part of an F1 simulator kit that'll set you back an insane $144,000. Yes. $140k. Outrageous. The package comes with the screen, the steering wheel and a motion capable seat.

So, not for ordinary people then. But still, it looks incredible.

Thanks Gizmodo!


    my nvidia surround setup on 3 x U2711's is cheaper... sure its not quite the same... but its still awesome

    All of that and he is only playing f1

      it's a great game. most other racers are so "arcade" it hurts.

        As an f1 fan it's ok, as a sim racer...I mean I know that's not what it's meant to be but parts of it are woeful, the ai for one, slides are un realistically controllable (keep your foot in it, counter steer at 250kmph and the car rights itself with all the assists off...) I mean I go to play it and things like this ruin it, the weather system whil awesome is still flawed (full wets offer maximum grip on any dampness, inters are useless) etc etc. it's a great accessible game and I want to like it so much, I like the emphasis on the presentation. As I say if I want to race an F1 car ill go off and play iracig or rfactor. If I want to BE an F1 driver I'll play f1 2011

          You're not playing on a high enough difficulty or playing with too many driving assists on or simply not setting your car up optimally if you think that wets provide better grip than inters in damp/light rain conditions. If you were talking about F1 2010 then yeah I'd agree with you, inters were useless in that game, but F1 2011 improved how the inters work. Unless it's raining quite heavily you should get better times on inters than you do on full wets.

    So you mean they DO play video games, because they play Gran Turismo and DiRT...

      "I have friends who don’t play video games, but they own PS3s. The reason? They’re obsessed with cars and pretending to drive them. They love F1, they love Gran Turismo, they love DiRT. "

      Yeah that's what my thought was too. Since when are F1 2011, Gran Turismo and DiRT *not* video games? They are! Racing simulators they may be, but they are still games. I personally don't play racers apart from F1 games myself (and games like Mario Kart), but to not classify them as games seems a bit uptight. "Oh, they aren't real games, they are just racers..."

        I think it was a generalisation on purpose, but coming from the perspective of those people who only buy racing games.
        The sorts of people who when you spot the ps3 near the TV you ask what them what their favourite game is and the reply is "oh, I don't play games on it - I just play GT5".

    Hmmmm..... own part of a house... or this?

      This! what good is 'part of a house'? of course then the obvious problem arises, where to put THIS.

    That guy has no idea what he's doing, the first track he's on is Albert park, he misses all braking points and doesn't understand the concept of a racing line or the apex of a corner. I'm assuming that's some random having a go at someone else's setup? If not, I think they should rethink their interest in that particular gaming genre.

      Being bad at something you like doesn't mean you shouldn't like it. More than anything, it means you're going to get better at it, and probably get more enjoyment from it.

        I quite like basketball but I'm useless at it. Not gonna go rush out and build a stadium in my backyard

    all that and he doesn't do cockpit view...sigh

    I would much prefer one of these.

    Actually this one looks better.

      Looks retarded, he's playing a racing sim, not a flying sim.

        Looks retarded yes but mimics at least a little the g forces that act on your body whilst racing.

    I'm sure it feels great to use, but...

    It could do to be at least 300-500mm (1 Foot+) higher so you're not looking down into the screen, plus the whole seat/steering wheel setup forces you to sit back too far so as not to get that wrap-around feeling.

    Still, I really don't have the right to criticise unless I had the $100k+ to spend on a similar setup.

    Hook it up to Super Mario Kart and I'm there.

    I would apply this kind of setup to other gaming as well. Peripheral vision is just lacking in so many games, even though they are designed with the small window of vision in mind. Bah, I can wait for decent wrap around HD, HMDs or something.

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