This Free Game Lets You And A Friend Fall In Love To The Sounds Of Cut Copy

Music games sure do get abstract sometimes, and Sun God by Bennett Foddy (the madman behind QWOP and GIRP) is one of the more abstract ones I've played in a while. The free flash-based game lets one or two players team up to fly in tandem through a color-drenched landscape capturing sparks while music by New York band Cut Copy plays.

It's not really much like other games — is it a metaphor for romance? Or a jump-roping parable? Or just an excuse to fly around the screen in time to cool music? Who can say? The scoring mechanism is unclear (deliberately so, I'd say), but that's not really the point — I find have the most fun just trying to stay in the air as long as possible. This might be a good deal harder (and maybe more enjoyable) with a friend.

The game is a part of Soundplay, a new series at Pitchfork curated by Kill Screen magazine. The games are all cool, and all feature music — it's worth checking 'em all out.

Sun God [Pitchfork]


    cut copy are not from new york. they are from melbourne, australia

      +1 wtf grandpa is angry

    Ahhhhh what? New York band? Do your research buddy. Cut Copy are from Melbourne, Australia!

    new york band! :-(

    Yeah seriously what the fuck? How can you try and pass Australian music as American?

    Objective: fall in love with Cut Copy
    Difficulty: Impossible

    New York band, classic Kotaku

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