This Giant Hunk Is Playing Master Chief In The Halo Series

This is Daniel Cudmore. He's a Canadian actor who you'll probably recognise most easily as Colossus from the X-Men movies. You'll also soon be seeing him play the role of Halo's Master Chief.

Well, sort of.

With the sci-fi series' big-screen adaptation dead in the water, Cudmore will be the first man to play the giant green space soldier in a meaningful role when he suits up for Forward Unto Dawn, a live-action series Microsoft has commissioned to help hype Halo 4.

If you're wondering if Cudmore can fill Chief's giant shoes, he'll come close: an unsuited John 117 is 6'7", while the Canadian pulls up just shy at 6'6". Course, that's a meaningless comparison; Master Chief won't be taking his helmet off for the entire series, so the image up top is your first and last look at the guy before he heads off into battle.

Come to think of it, he won't be speaking, either, as Steve Downes - the long-time voice actor for the character from the games - will be handling vocal duties.

So congratulations, Daniel Cudmore, you are 2012's David Prowse.

Canadian dons Master Chief's armour in Halo Web series [The Globe and Mail]

(Top photo by Frazer Harrison | Getty)


    So he basically amounts to a mocap guy, right?

    apparently, he doesn't have to wear bulky armor to look the part. they're just gonna stick green decals all over him and it looks exactly like the spartan armor.

    So they've hired a tall person to wear a suit and they're hiring the original voice actor to fill in vocal duties.... Microsoft, turn this into a proper live action movie and you'll have created the most true to the original movie character in the history of shitty video game movies... Hire a decent script writer and you'll have probably succeded in creating a good movie.

    Yes i remeber Colossue from the films he had like a total of about 5 miuntes in the entire films 'armored' up, wished he had more time

      funny thing is the armor is just a cg model.. so the actor's presence is probably much less than 5 minutes.

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