This Giant LEGO Bridge Looks Photoshopped (But It's Not)

Street artist MEGX painted this bridge in Wuppertal, Germany to look like it was made out of LEGO. His use of colour and contrast makes the thing look like a hideous Photoshop job, but nope, it's real. The guy got busy with paintbrushes and, after four weeks on the job, left the world with the coolest bridge around.

If you're wondering how he managed to sneak up there for four weeks without the cops catching him, it was actually a legit operation, as he had some corporate sponsorship and the local authorities helped out with supervision and traffic control.

LEGO Bridge [MEGX, via Brothers Brick]


    It may not be gaming but that is still pretty cool

      Lego related items are always welcome!

    oh my gawd thats literally the coolest thing ever they have made it look so photoshoped which makes it look EVEN BETTER D;

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