This Gordon Freeman Action Figure Is Officially Official

Earlier this year NECA displayed the prototype for their Gordon Freeman action figure at the international Toy Fair in New York. Now, Mr. Freeman is almost ready to come out and play in all his scientific glory.

The fine Valve fans over at LambdaGen spotted that Gordon is going on sale at retailers this september for a price of $US18 USD. You can pre-order now.

Here's NECA's official description:

Gordon Freeman is the heroic lead character and stands nearly 7″ tall with over 20 points of articulation. Gordon features 2 sets of interchangeable hands, crowbar, bugbomb, and gravity gun accessories along with a headcrab figure accessory. Loads of detail, articulation and accessories, everything a Half Life fan could want is included in this figure

That's right, he comes with everything you see here! Alyx Vance & Dog sold separately.

Can't get enough new Valve toys? Perhaps you'd like an inflatable unicorn to show your love for Meet the Pyro!


    "everything a Half Life fan could want is included in this figure"

    So it includes Half Life 3?

    clearly part of a ninja style marketing campaign that is laying the ground for the launch of HL3

    GOrdons such a lifeless, bland, boring character. We never even see him rendered nicely in 3D in-game. Why would any gamer want this? Now, a Combine soldier would be BADASS!

    If you pull the string on his back, you get silence.

    Did Gordon always wear chain-mail underpants? ouch!

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