This Happens Every Time I Play Rock Band

I hadn't seen this video before, but it is a little old. Also, it talks about Rock Band, which is a teensy bit irrelevant. But man, does this video perfectly represent the crap I had to go through everytime I had people over at my house and we attempted to play Rock Band! Don't get me wrong, I think Rock Band (Rock Band 2 in particular) was the greatest, but this video is absolutely perfect.

Particularly in the first Rock Band, trying to get everyone to stop smashing all the drums, or pushing the wrong button once the song was selected. Sweet Jesus that was frustrating. And the guy who thought he could do Expert but totally couldn't, and ended up making everyone having to restart the song because of his massive ego. SCREW THAT GUY!

Oh wait, that was me.

Thanks John!


    A rock band enthusiast...? In Australia...? But they never released the instruments!

      Not entirely true. When Rock Band 1 was released here (over a year after its US release) there were plenty of Rock Band instruments around.

      Rock Band Beatles also had an instrument bundle avaialable for purchase.

      I was obsessed with rock band and have done my fair share of importing. (Imported the first two titles)also I have a pro guitar and keyboard lying around for use with rock band 3.

      So yeah, there are misguided fools who are rock band enthusiasts in australia heh.

        oh and the guitar hero instruments work with rock band on most platforms.

        Guilty as charged. Just broke 1500 songs in my library XD

        Even the Pro instruments came out here. I'm currently sitting over the top of a room full of them.

        It's just Guitar Hero treated Australians so much better, there was such a huge delay. I think Rock Band 1 came out here the same time as Rock Band 2 did in the US.

    These guys had no idea. Seriously, RB3 did not need you to back out to change characters, and these guys must have missed the memo about no-fail mode.

    And for those who hate the instruments/multiplayer stuff, there's a single-player game coming out at the back end of next month which uses the current library. It's called Rock Band Blitz.

      Its meant to be a parody, a joke.

        I know, I know, I'm just too much of a fan of the series to avoid pointing out inaccuracies XD

          Yeah Rock Band 3 was pretty awesome in that respect.

      To me the whole point about rock band was pretending to play plastic instruments. A Rock Band game without plastic instruments seems utterly pointless as far as I'm concerned.

        Amplitude and Frequency have thier fans too ;)

          That's how I've always felt about RB. Which is why I've hated it. and preferred GH, which I feel is more about game, and being able to shred your way through those balls-hard charts trying to awesome music. Or at least that's how it used to be, then they kind of wrecked it.

        Well, all the songs will also export to RB3 on release day :)

    I'm 50 songs away from having played each song in my 600+ collection at least once. Getting there!

    Roll on Rock Band Blitz to boost that library again!

    I've been looking for a copy of rock band 3 (with instruments) for a while now. Anyone know where it can be bought online or otherwise?

      The game is on Games on Demand for the Xbox version at $30, but
      instruments will be hard to come by. Regarding hardware, your best
      bet is probably MadCatz (now the publishers of the game). Have a
      look through;
      just don't bother importing a copy of the game in a bundle, unless
      it states outright it's a PAL version.

        actually, if he's after a 360 copy then i'm pretty sure that the US
        NTSC copy is actually region free (at least my copy is...)

          Good point, RB3 is region free on the 360. However, all previous games are region-locked, plus, despite the PS3 being notionally region-free, DLC won't work across regions.

    I adore everything Harmonix do, but God it's tough being a Rock Band fan in this country. Especially on 360 as we have no easy access to the Rock Band Network. :/

      I have a bit of a workaround I use; create a US account through the site, purchase MS points codes online, and download
      RBN songs off that account.

    I'll be buying a Pro Drum kit, Rock Band 3, and about $200 worth of
    PSN credit as soon as I can be arsed. I LOVE drumming in Guitar
    Hero; and, since I realized how much more awesome the RB3 Pro drums
    will be and Wikipedia'd a track list for the Rock Band store, I've
    got no issues with shelling out a good $450 for awesome virtual
    drumming. Call me behind the times, but I don't care. It's fun, it
    builds skills, and it's rewarding.

      Can you get in touch with me privately? I happen to have a spare
      PS3 RB3 Pro Drums kit I got shipped by accident.

        Oh yeah, should have stated that the best way to do so is probably
        through Twitter - I use the same username there.

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