This Hi-Definition JRPG Looks...Yeah

Ungh. Yes, I know this game uses a hand-drawn style, and, yes, I know there's only a few seconds of gameplay, but damn. Jump to the 1:40 mark to see what I'm talking about.

Revealed earlier this year, Tokitowa combines JRPG elements with, wait for it, third-person shooter play (think action RPG). Parts of the game will have a fixed point-of-view, while other parts won't.

Tokitowa claims to be the first "HD animation RPG" on the PlayStation 3. It'll be out this fall in Japan.


    Ahhh the animation in those exploration scenes was pretty crap!

    rofl. Run cycles are for other people.

    Looks like the shooter gameplay still occurs in some sort of "encounter mode". Note that all the fights shown are in very nondescript landscapes with vague natural barriers in the background, similar to turn-based JRPGs. So not some sort of odd Japanese anime 3rd person Deus Ex as I'd hoped from the article's description.

    It's a true anime JRPG. So of you're not keen on either of those things, you can probably just walk on by. If you're like me, then this looks wonderful. So many times I've wondered if we'd ever see a HE turn-

      Stupid Swyping keypad...

      *HD turn-based classic KEPT, with not just cell shading, but HD sprite animation.

        Fairly sure it's a joke article.

    These guys need to get with the times and use some HD style anime with their HD style game.

    The whole point of the matter here is that they're using 2D Cel animation in a 3D environment. This is a really really interesting artistic choice, and what I can gather of the story (Time travel! Body Jumping! Dragons!), this is looking right up my alley. I'm hoping this gets big in japan upon release so us westerners can have a taste of this interesting diversion from the norm!

    Seems like the kind of art style that's off-putting as hell for the first hour or two and then you just get used to it.

    I think i'll just play Recettear again instead

    Cool art style, I like the idea of the 2D cell shading in the 3D environment, but it looks like your standard encounter/turn based JRPG, I was, as another poster mentioned, hoping for some sort of anime inspired Mass Effect. But alas, like Mass Effect inspired anime, this isnt looking great.

    The game looks fantastic

    I cant wait, for this title

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