Impressive Fan-Made Dishonored Frankentrailer Was Assembled From Real Movie Bits

Dishonored has all the trappings of a major motion picture: intrigue, assassinations, redemption, cool masks... rats... you know, the usual. As it turns out, it's possible to create a trailer for an imagined film adaptation from bits and bobs lifted from other films.

This fake trailer, made by YouTuber bloodrunsclear, is darned impressive, mixing together footage from a bunch of films into something that could easily pass for a trailer for a Dishonored feature film. This feels like proof either that 1) We have reached a saturation point on the number of movies made and therefore this kind of thing is now possible or 2) YouTuber bloodrunsclear is a very talented individual. Possibly both.

Dishonored creative director Harvey Smith agrees, tweeting "This (fake) Dishonored movie trailer makes me <3 the internet."

Via Eurogamer


    I think i only recognised three films in there....the sherlock holmes movies and the man in the iron mask...pretty sure i saw a snippet of the dishonored trailer in there too. Either way, some of these movies he used look pretty good...

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