This Impressive PS3 Collection Is Up For Sale

Amassing a huge collection of games is no mean feat. It takes a lot of hard work, but in the end you're rewarded with a massive shelf full of awesome games staring back at you. If you don't feel like doing all that work, then why not pick up this massive collection of games currently for sale on Gumtree?

Mark Gibbons is passionate about gaming. PS3 in particular. Since 2008, he's spent over $20,000 on games for his personal collection. His collection hit around 600 at its peak, but now he's trying to offload all of it.

His item lot on Gumtree only sees him selling half of his collection, but it's still over 300 different games — all of which he says he's finished.

Why is he selling them? He told us that he needs to pay for something like a motorbike to get him to work. It's always sad when transport and the real world trumps the pursuit of a passionate collector.

All 300-plus games are for sale at once on Gumtree for just shy of $1000, but if you want, you could even swap him an iPad, iPhone or motorbike for the collection.

Thanks to Isaacson for sending this one our way.

What's your collection worth in total? [Gumtree]

Image: Mark Gibbons

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    The steam sales had destroyed my bank account and now you show me this...

    So many Collector's editions and rare stuff D:

    Um, he should although I hate to say it just go to EBgames as he only wants $3.30 a game and that would be less than the average they would give as he has some recent titles in that lot such as Skyrim and BF3.

      You can't buy a motorbike with EB store credit.

        Go to QLD and u can trade for cash :p

    I'm guessing the 360 games aren't included but are the Vita games?

    $20000 in four years is a holy crapload.

    But then I shudder to think just how much mine totals to. I know I've spent about 1k each on just two systems over the last two years alone :/

      My steam account is just under $3k alone and it doesn't take into account the price of CE versions of some of those games.

        I honestly don't even know how to process this. On the one hand games on there tend to be cheaper than the physical stuff I deal in so it seems like it would be easier to whittle away bit by bit until the total is huge. But then on the flipside, that must equate to so many games that I don't even know how you would play them all/how many would just be sitting there. Which again boggles the mind, because I can't wrap my head around hoarding digital games.

    Steam has totally converted me to digital only. Owning a collection like this also means lots of storage costs not to mention dust magnet. Awesome collection. Not a great return on $20,000 either. (apologies for being miserable / old git)

      You have storage costs in your own home? No wonder you've converted to digital only what with the cost associated with warehouse managers, activity based cost tracking and all.

    aren't most of the titles on the top row there Xbox?

    This particular listing is only 74 games for $1,000, not 300 games. The seller just confirmed this on the Gizmodo comments for the same article.

    And the photo is just google sourced.

      i was seriously considering taking him up on this. but, if it's only 74... nah. most of what he has listed on gumtree, i already have. so, i'd just be doubling up on most of the games i already own.

    And I thought my 100+ collection was good

    The complete collection of games over the years equates to probably just over 2,000. I will happily confirm this lot for $1,000 is for 74 titles only, these a mainly doubles, spares, or games I've completed.

    I have 10,000 copies of Resistance if anyone's interested.

    My collection has grown from about 10-20 games to about 1300-1400 odd in about 4 years. I wouldn't have a clue what it's total worth would be. It spans NES to current gen, mostly games that have some meaning to me, some nostalgic value, or games i am interested in playing at some point. I've probably spent $20,000 on it all though... wouldn't be a stretch, could even be being slightly conservative. Definitely helps bump up the value/cost when you purchase mega man games like The Wily Wars and MM7.

    nice collection... interesting to see if it sells...

    PC/360/PS3/Vita for me...

    PC: 750+
    360: 300+ (inc XBLA)
    PS3: 50+ (inc PSN)
    Vita: 10+ (inc PSN)

    buying games is a game in itself for me..

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