This Is A Rocket Launcher. For Plastic Bottles.

This summer, your Commando dreams are reality, thanks to Japan's Marudai Corp. For a cool ¥28,350 ($363), the company will sell you its PET Bottle Launcher RPG-7 kit. It contains all the parts to make your own bottle launcher.

Once you have the RPG-7 built, you fill a plastic bottle with water, set the launcher, pump air into the launcher (with a bicycle pump), and pull the trigger. Then, whoosh! The plastic bottle flies through the air, leaving a trail of water. The launcher even has a realistic recoil.

The PET Bottle Launcher RPG-7 is aimed at adults and is 18 and up. When I say "aimed at adults", I do not mean "aimed at adults."

R・P・G! あのロケットランチャーを再現したペットボトルランチャー「RPG-7」が発売中 [Kotaku Japan]


    question... does the RPG actually have any recoil? isnt it built to be a 'recoilless rifle' if so ,how does something modeled on it that has recoil have 'realistic recoil'. or am i taking the piss again?

      its an rpg...rocket.propelled.grenade,not a recoilless rifle,therefore it has some recoil,watch the news sometime & you will see these being fired somewhere in the middle east or africa....

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