This Is The Video Game My Mom Wants To Play

This Is The Video Game My Mom Wants To Play

I got an email from my mother recently. She was very excited about a new video game. As someone for whom video games are a way of life, clearly this intrigued me. My mother? Intersted in a video game? Preposterous!

Not so preposterous actually. You see, my mother has very specific interests. Cooking, fitness, sending me text messages at the worst possible times, and forensic psychology.

As such, her favourite TV shows are Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI and Law & Order: SVU.

So I was only half-surprised when I opened this link in the email to find that the game she was interested in was in fact a Criminal Minds game.

However, there’s a slight problem. The game looks like complete shovelware. More or less a “find the hidden object” puzzle game. I hate to offend any game developer, but with a budget as big as CBS, I think Criminal Minds deserves better.

But it begs the question. Why can’t we have great video games based on TV shows? Surely the budgets are there? I’d certainly ante up for a quality video game based on the likes of CSI, NCIS or Law and Order.


In fact, I think I’ve been waiting my entire life to chase down and tackle a perp as Marishka Hargitay in a video game, I just didn’t know it yet. Thanks, mom!



    • +1 that would be pretty awesome!
      Even if they included what CJ said and made them episodic.
      They could bring back Chris Meloni for voice acting to play Elliot for the game episodes.
      Since the show has lacked a bit since he left.

  • After all the discussion surrounding the ‘rape’ in the new tomb raider game, do you really think anybody is going to be willing to make an SVU game?

  • Isn’t this more or less what LA Noire did. Investigate scene, chase perp, interrogate perp?

  • Stay tuned for more excitement on Dave’s Inbox! Coming up: My granda finally has the Internet!

  • CBS may have the budget for a bigger game, but if Dave’s mum is keen for a game (and is not normally a gamer) then it’s going to sell rather well. My own mother (who normally hates video games and computers in general) had a blast with the Mystery Case Files games — a “hidden object” series.

    I guess in this case it’s not what hardcore gamers want, it’s what will appeal to a lot of people.

  • There’s been quite a few.. how can you call yourself a game journalist and not know this…

    There’s been a few of the CSI ones.. also an X-Files game, just to name two TV shows with decent games.

  • As a developer and a fan of some of these shows, I tried to pitch pretty much exactly this a few years ago – you’d be surprised just how hard it is to get a project like this greenlit. Maybe now though, with social/mobile/browser gaming being a lot more common, it might be easier to get off the ground. Personally, I’d love to make an episodic adventure game based on Castle (imagine the dialogue options!), but any of these could work really well – the investigative style and multiple locations would work really well as a game…

    Any TV execs interested? 😛

  • In criminal minds they always manage to get captured by the bad guys, worst fbi/whatever agents ever.

  • I’d deadset pay 200 dollars for an excellent Burn Notice game, with open world gameplay and the such

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