This Is What A $30,000 Gaming Room Looks Like

I am not what you would call a hardware fetishist. I came to be a PC gamer because when I was a child and, later, a student and early twentysomething, I never had the money for consoles but there was a computer in the house. I came to it from convenience first, and only later grew to find glee in being able to select particular, powerful parts.

My personal taste these days runs to the understated, with a simple case hiding beneath my desk and disguising the parts within.

Now, all of that said... haven't we all sometimes daydreamed about what our set-ups would look like if money were no object? I have, from time to time. Well, now we know. The room itself isn't particularly large, but the systems inside it are quite nice indeed. I admit, I could like to give that a try. Now all I need is $US30,000. And a spare room...

I present to you.. $US30,000 PC Gaming Room. [Reddit]


    I'd rather have 4 recliners, a 50inch HD tv and a new Xbox/Playstation combo honestly.

    Even if you take the cost out i'd rather have that.

    Still sweet though.

      Yeah - I second that - maybe like 4 playstations and xboxes with individual sony 3d glasses thingies. but yeah - too many pc's, dont really care to spend half the time tinkering with things


      I'm tired of games without splitscreen.
      You know what's nice though? Blur, Rayman Legends, and Sonic racing have 4-player splitscreen on PC. Dirt 3 and Renegade Ops have 2-player. And, they look fantastic in 1080p
      Anyone know any other PC games with splitscreen?

        Splitscreen is the reason I hang on to my Cod games

    Someone certainly likes Motorsport gaming. *a wink*

    2GB ATI 6970HD, 16GB Ram, 2TB HDD, 25GMB SSD, Dark Fleet case, High end Asus Mobo with 6 USB3 ports, $1500
    27" 2560x1440 LED monitor, $300 (x2 for 2 of them)
    Logitech G9x Mouse and G19 keyboard, $80
    Wireless Xbox360 controll, $50
    5.1ch MS Headset/Mic, $60

    $2290, does everything on max settings.

    I don't to see this rig being $27.7k better

      There are 5 rigs in that room, that's how.

      2GB HIS 6970HD, 16GB RAM, 1x1TB HDD, 1x2TB HDD, 60GB SSD, Gigabyte Mobo with 4 USB3 ports, core i5 2500K, aftermarket CPU Cooler, $1750~
      3x23" 1920x1068 LED LCD IPS Displays, $175ea
      Saitek RAT5 mouse, SteelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard, $99 and $119 respectively
      Asus Xense STX soundcard, $200
      Sennheiser HD598s, $300
      Edifier 2.1 speaker, $99

      $3050, does everything on max settings.
      I still have bit of hardware envy over the racing setup, but I think I'm fine where I am :p

        Additionally, multiply that setup by 5, and you're still only at the financial halfway point of the above video.

        That's gotta be one HELLUVVA racing rig.

          Did you even watch that video? He's running 3 rigs at roughly your specs, + there is a 10x3gb HDD hub. The main rig is a 42' running six core Xeon with Triple gtx570s and the racing rig has a gtx690 with 3x 30'

          Theres a lot more than just 5x the specs you stated.

    That's some hotness right there. Put's my room to shame... maybe I should clean up in there and pretty it up some.

    That room would would get uncomfortably warm in no time.

      The good thing about liquid cooling is it doesn't emanate nearly as much heat as traditional fans do.

    That's a sweet LAN setup. His mates would have a ball at that place. Room seems a little small though.

    Jog on. The room looks awful. It's the gear that's worth the $$. I especially like the star stickers on the wall. Did he evict a 5 year old to set this waste of money up?

    With a max res of 1080p on the LG screen - pfffft...

    Setup looks nice and everything but the trouble is all this high end gear loses it's value so quickly, it's just not worth investing in to begin with.

      what makes you think it was for an investment

    The racing set up is very drool worthy. Complete with shifter, handbrake, and even a $2000+ carbon kevlar Bride seat! unbelievable!

    It's always been a dream of mine to set up the ultimate gaming room - it used to involve a big LAN setup - now it involves reclining couches, big screens and chilled beer within reach.

    The guy's name is Maxishine he has always buys the latest PC and gaming stuff, he has unlimited money and has been arrested and sentenced for pirating movies on a huge scale here in Victoria lol.

    I tend to play wherever I'm comfortable. Gaming bling doesn't really interest me that much as it tends to put geeks on heat. Eww, they start listing the specs on their PCs and I die a little more inside.

    Sometimes perfect gaming for me is just chilling on the couch and playing some Secret of Mana on my phone. :)

      Haha, apologies for my comment above then :p

      I enjoy hearing about other people's rigs, it's a nice little hobby to have.
      With that said, I'd much rather sit on a couch and play, than in a chair at a desk.

    gotta love making players 2, 3 and 4 sit on stools! haha.

    pimp setup though.

    I'd rather have all three main consoles hooked up to a 20k Funktion 1.

    if he has an air con installed then then thats an instant win!

    Nice setup.... except for the keyboards. Poor guy is still in the Logitech rubberdome bells and whistles stage. Mechanical all the way!

      Oh, I was beaten to the punch. I'm with you brother, once you go mechanical you can't go back.

    I feel like kind of a jerk for this, but my only thought at the end of that was, $30,000 and he doesn't get mechanical keyboards? The hell??!!

    Impressive gear! But the room doesn't look like a comfortable place to hang out in for long periods of time. Like some people have said couches for spectators or casual gaming downtime between major fragfests would be a nice touch. Would love to see a setup where everything from the door knobs, window trimmings, the walls, the floor is designed and integrated along with the screens, pcs, keyboards, gaming controllers into a cohesive space.

    No pinball machines or a jamma cabinet = FAIL

    not pictured is the mountains of empty energy drink cans and Cheetos's bags forming an entire separate ecosystem in one corner of the room, like with clouds and everything.

    Awesome setup! Only problem is your mates will never , ever leave hahaha

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