This Is What You Will Unlock In Borderlands 2 If You Have A Borderlands Save File

People who have save files for the first Borderlands on PC, PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will get the stuff in the image here. This is according to an official posting by Borderlands folks at the official Gearbox community site.


    Kinda ugly if you ask me.....its should have been the old characters costumes on the new characters, that would be cool.

    I always wanted to get borderlands but I never got around to it. Then I figured borderlands 2 is coming out soon and that should be good enough.

      Azza it took me a while to get round to borderlands as well, but I highly recommend it before the second one comes out, you won't regret it.

    ... I think I might throw my save games away to avoid getting those.

      *Thumbs up Negative's Comment*

      I would rather Gunz ... kinda what the original's selling point was (untill it turned out to just be a Diablo 2 Same look different stats style gameplay)

        Except the guns do all look different in addition to having different stats. I'm replaying through the first at the moment and the last part of your post doesn't make any sense..

    Smells like the TF2 Promo syndrome...

    Well thats a let down. An extra map or an added level would've been a better incentive. But I don't regret going back and playing BL1 a month or two ago. Its hardly dated and well worth the play. Think I saw it for $8 at EA on the weekend.

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