This Live-Action Metroid Movie Only Cost $200

This Live-Action Metroid Movie Only Cost $200

Think back to when you first played Metroid to the end for the first time. Your mind was blown when you found out Samus Aran was a woman, right? But you couldn’t do anything like, say, hit on her.

The guys in the short try to do exactly that. It’s awkward.

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  • The first Metroid I played (and im guessing many others) was Super Metroid on the SNES. And it was already established what her gender was. Unless you’re an old fart gamer, the gender discovery ending was spoiled long before us youngsters ever played it.

    • Sadly im old enough to fit into that category, I played Metroid on release in Aus on the NES. And the follow up, Metroid II on the gameboy. You young whipper snappers have no respect for us old folk pioneers 😛

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