This Live-Action Video Explains Why Some People Don't Like DayZ

Not everyone gets overly excited while playing DayZ, ArmA II zombie mod. Not everyone gets a chance to live-tweet their kidnapping in DayZ.

Some people just can't get into the game, and the reasons probably look something like the video posted above.


    Lag/server-wise it's the antithesis of Diablo 3. Our location helps us with reasonably smooth and full-but-joinable servers in the list usually being the A/NZ ones. If you die, try-try again. US servers in Chicago are especially user-friendly as well.

    I played about a week of Diablo 3, it's just sitting there on my PC tower. Looking lost.

    Still enjoying this mod.
    Definitely an unfortunate learning period where new players can be broken and leave if they don't start getting into the survival. People who aren't 'getting it' are usually the people who probably need stuff handed to them on a platter or are just not the patient type - need the action and instant-gratification games.

    DayZ has a lot of development left to do but at the moment it pretty much boils down to staying alive for a really long time. Once you have nice weapons, a good camp and a vehicle its all about longevity and keeping your stuff. Just lost an 11 day character to a weird glitch though, but alpha is alpha. wipe off the blood and start the treadmill all over again.

      I lost my 6 day character who had the lot... when I accidentally hit a tree in a tractor going 1 km. I got flung out of the tractor, landed; broke all my legs and bleed to death.

      wasn't even mad.

        HAHAAHAHA man this mod is awesome i love hearing the stories about DayZ, good stuff

        Ah, frakkin tractors... my cousin and I were up near NEAF (players will know what I mean) and at the top of the hill to the north east of the airfield is a forested area near a Radio tower, we found a Tractor there, my cousin loaded up and as I was running up to see his find we were talking about driving it around and as I come closer I hear the rev noise, he takes off... and runs me the frak over...DEAD.

        ATVs are the worst though, if the engine is even a little oranage, don't ride it, trust me. Fixed one of the two you find at Klen, jumped on to rev and move away from a tree it was spawned against... BOOOM!!! actually survived though...with 235 blood. There was a cow nearby though and I had me a loving 8 steak dinner. :p

        And now you know that trees are the true monsters of DayZ.

    Funny, I always thought it was because they were sick of hearing "99 Problems".

    my first day was at 11pm on a night server, couldnt see 2m in front of me, where i wandered in circles for about 3 hours and eventually led an army of zombies into a group of people and died

      They must have hated you afterwards. And been dead :P

    Heh was playing just before, I ran around a corner in a town around Zelenorks (sp?) and four guys shot me? I heard them over audio say 'I GOT HIM! GET HIS GUN!' they thought they were awesome...

    Then they shat themselves as the twelve or so zombies I had pulled ran around the corner too... lol

    lol this is so accurate

    This is the most accurate DayZ video yet.

    Seems like the problem lies with the friend who isn't a very good guide, nor a very good leader.

    He should be actively searching for his friend, while also being a lot more cautious

    I for one am loving the mod. Played little else lately.

    Earlier I resumed at Balota Airfield, exactly where I disconnected previously and continued to do a final sweep of the tower and hangars. By this stage, my newest character had an M14, silenced M9, plenty of food and bandages. After a 5 minute stand off against about 6 or 7 zeds, I decided to leg it from the airfield towards Cherno. Knowing full well Cherno is usually populated and a high risk area, I skirted the hillside on the North Western corner attempting to suss out any other players and zeds. Running through the forest I came across a dead body which yielded a morphine shot and seconds later 3 blood packs I figured were dropped by another player underneath a tree. Sure enough after scouting the forest for a minute another player appeared through the tree line.

    I didn't have voice com activated at that particular time as the other player ran around me with a rifle, I suspect trying to see what was in my backpack. I guessed he might be the previous owner of my newly found blood packs. Point blank, he raised his Lee Enfield rifle and lets off a shot. I fell down dead but not before letting off a volley of automatic rounds into his belly.

    So we're both dead. I respawn up past Elektro (far enough away to curse at my computer) and begin to start looking for other equipment. Somewhat saddened by my death and the certainty that my gear is as good as looted. Early into my search of Elektro I fall from a factory scaffold and break both legs. Dead again.

    This time though I spawn on the coast at the South Eastern side of Cherno. I see my opportunity and start toward the scene of my death.

    A few minutes and one dead zed later I find our two bodies in the forest. My murderer/ victim has a bigger backpack and various other goodies including binoculars, a watch and an M1911 pistol with a couple of clips. I add this to my new pack as now I have no silenced M9 rounds left. I chuckle with delight and start heading North. I expect the other guy has the exact same intention as I to reclaim his kit and take my goodies. But this time, and out of sheer chance, I emerged victorious. I even considered hanging around to shoot him again and add salt to the wound. But I'm no bandit. Yet...

    After roughly another 30 minutes North I decide to disconnect. Happy with my mini and ultimately insignificant victory on this day. Happy knowing that for now I still possess the gear I worked so hard for. I am now on the hunt for M9 rounds and some food. Heading North into uncharted territory. After another 10 or 15 minutes travel I will be the farthest North I have ever been. I hear it's particularly dangerous in the North. But one must keep moving. One must survive.

    Enh. Out of the three hours I had the client open, I played it for maybe half an hour. Most of which was spent in pitch black night, in the rain, with zombies everywhere you went that could run through walls and teleported to maybe five metres either side if you shot at them. I died to them twice, and after two occasions where I survived the encounter (with no more ammunition of supplies), I'd finished bandaging myself up, to find that my gunshots had attracted other survivors. Who, on each occasion, promptly shot me.

    It's not very fun.

      (Out of the 3hrs client open, 30min played - the remaining time was spent wrangling with authentication servers, trying to find out which server was LYING about its version - there had been an update recently and not everyone was switched over. Also, the update was a little buggy.)

    As a hardcore STALKER veteran, this game chews up and spits out even me. I feel sorry for the rest of you poor bastards.

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