This Manga Artist Has Not Aged. He Must Be A Vampire.

Manga artist Hirohiko Araki, creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, is 52 years old. I would say he looks really good for 52 (he does), if he hadn't looked the same since, oh, the past thousand years.

Every year that Araki's photo is released, people online in Japan enjoy comparing it to his photos for the past several decades. The man has not aged.

You can see how they match up in the timeline that starts in the year 3000BC, when Araki was really born.

荒木飛呂彦が52歳になったよおおおおおおおおお [2ch]


    No no no, he is not a vampire, he is clearly a HIGHLANDER!

    He's neither a vampire nor a highlander. He has the ability to stop time. Jojo's bizzare adventure is an autobiography.

      Mind = Blown

    his just asian :P

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