This Metal Gear Rising Video Will Slice You Up Real Good

This Monday I'm getting to check out an early build of Metal Gear Rising and, as one of those weird people who loves both MGS and Bayonetta, I couldn't be more excited. Now that I've watched this awesome gameplay video, plenty of my fears have been dispelled. I think I may actually be in love with the whole slicing mechanic...

In my opinion, Bayonetta is probably the best action game of this generation — just in terms of the combat system, style and sense of scale. The fact that Platinum Games is bringing that expertise to Metal Gear universe is mouthwatering.

In fact I think it pleases the Platinum Games fanboy in me more than the MGS fanboy. It's hard to explain, but I was never really all that invested in a Metal Gear Solid game featuring Raiden, but I love what I'm seeing from this game so far, and I can't wait to go hands on with it this coming Monday.


    That video has single-handedly renewed my interest in this game... despite it's horrible name.

    by the simple slice and dice makes me question if it will make it past our censorship board ... even with an R+ on the horizan

      you've just destroyed my day

    He is such a poser....


    Looked like a cool hack n slash ninja game, but has bugger all to do with metal gear. What's the point? Aren't we always crying out for new IPs, this seems like a missed opportunity to start something new. I could see people not buying it on principal because of their allegiance to Snake and tactical espionage action. And why did that woman's clothes have to fall off when he sliced her?!

      That's why it's not titled Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance.

      It's a spin off and it's perfectly acceptable to change up the game play styles of a spin off title, in fact it should be encouraged. It helps expand on side characters and side stories while offering a new experience in a familiar universe. Personally I think this looks like a lot of fun and as a fan of cyborg Raiden I'm very much looking forward to it.

      I really can't understand why this concept seems to be so hard to grasp for so many people.

        Calm down, don't have a strop. Jeez, you really are a Raiden fan.

        I grasp the concept just fine. I just think it's a dumb one in this instance.

    Shut up and take my money! Oh wait need to wait for collector's edition

    I think it could be fun, but the blade mode bothers me. A lot.

    I realize they're going for 'absurd anime' behavior, but I hate it that the sword, when in blade mode, can slice things that are pretty far out of range of the blade itself. And that it can slice a watermelon vertically and leave the table it sits upon completely unscathed.

    That and it has about as much to do with Metal Gear as Dancing does with stormtroopers.

    I'm still not seeing anything that impressive. If Blade Mode is only thing that makes this game unique. I guess I'm sitting this one out. Although I like seeing the cardboard woman's clothes change as she gets sliced lol

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