This Pikachu Can Pull Out A Man’s Arms

This Pikachu Can Pull Out A Man’s Arms

It’s Han Solo’s co-pilot, Chewbacca, crossbred with Ash’s buddy, Pikachu. The result? Wookimon? Chewbachu? Pikachewie? Yes, Pikachewie.

That’s what custom figure maker KodyKoala is calling it — and he should know because he made it. According to KodyKoala:

I used a Jakks 2007 Electronic Pikachu and I covered him in Apoxy sculpt and made him look hairy. Their wasn’t a whole lot of material involved, just a lot of time to groove all of it. It probably took a good 10 hours to make the hair look perfect.

Kotaku has previously featured KodyKoala’s amazing creations, such as Mecha Sonic and Zombie Yoshi. And no doubt, Kotaku will feature future ones!

Until then, more at KodyKoala’s site below.

Kodykoala’s Custom Pikachewie Figure [Kodykoala]

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