This Playstation Move Steering Wheel Must Be Seen To Be Believed

This Playstation Move Steering Wheel Must Be Seen To Be Believed

If I were to ask you what the one thing was that it would take to get you to dust off your Playstation Move, my guess is that you wouldn’t say a steering wheel attachment.

Well, too bad!

The fine folks over at Sony will be rolling out this bad boy in the hopes that you’ll use it instead of the dozens of more suitable and less ridiculous looking 3rd party steering wheels and peripherals. You know, ones made by companies like Logitech and Thrustmaster who do this sort of thing for a living.

To be fair, the sides flip out to a motorcycle grip with a twist throttle and it’s only $US39.99. Now all you have to do is bring back Road Rash and bundle it with this baby and you’ve got a hit!


  • i remember seeing the batarang on reddit a few months ago but nobody knew what it was for, it might be interesting to play motorbike games with but i have to say i would prefer an actual wheel/gear stick thing possibly pedals if i was going to use something other than a normal controler on car games though

  • This would work well if you don’t have a table you can put the logitech or thrustmaster stuff on… the down side is if you don’t have a MOVE, you will have to guy that too.

  • For people who don’t want to splash out for a really good racing wheel, I reckon this thing looks good. However, Microsoft did practically the exact same thing for Forza 4 and no-one bought it. I can’t help but think this’ll have a similar fate, especially with the added expense of a Move.

  • Seen to be believed? I’m not sure what that means for this story? No force feedback = the biggest waste of time for anyone near “hardcore” imo.

    • The video said the accessory has two rumble motors, so there is some feedback. Of course, a device like this won’t be able to offer any resistance against rotation, if that’s what you meant.

  • If your going to the trouble of buying a Steering wheel for your racing games you don’t want a half arsed free floating thing, you want something that you can turn 900 degrees (1&1/4 turn in each direction) or more. I want pedals and a realistic shifter too.

    And yes I do look at the Logitech G27 Steering wheel and consider it the greatest game wheel ever made. Just short of buying an Arcade Racing Cabinet.

    If it’s going to be pretend like that I may as well just use the controller. Because IMO the best you will get out of this is 120 degrees in either direction. (Yeah I know he said it’s got 180 degrees, but if I do 190 left with it suddenly swap me to a hard right?)

  • I’m desperately seeking game experiences to make my purchase of two Move’s worth it. This isn’t it, I don’t think it will ever come.

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